Are Yu-Ling Wu and Alyssa Ljubicich Still Friends? The Circle Update

Netflix’s ‘The Circle,’ is a thrilling game show that perfectly recreates real-world social media platforms through its brilliant premise. AfterThe show brings together a group of contestants and cuts them off from the outside world. andAllow them to live in separate apartments. AdditionallyTo be able to interact with one another and increase their popularity, the participants can only use a specifically made social media platform, also named “The Circle.” HoweverThe show encourages anonymity as much as real-world social media. Many contestants adopt the catfish strategy to be efficient.

Yu-Ling Wu and Alyssa LjubicichThey were invited to the show as an individual. andFrom the first group chat, it was instantaneously mutually beneficial. TheyBuilt a strong alliance and even became a part of season 4’s one and only “throuple,” along with Bru. HoweverThen, things started to go downhill. Yu-LingNot taken into consideration Alyssa andYou chose RachelDuring a vote process, making fans wonder if they are still friends. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Yu-Ling and Alyssa’s The Circle Journey

Yu-Linga 25 year-old brand marketing consultant from California, and Alyssa, a 27 year-old sex coach assistant from New York, hit it off immediately after being introduced on ‘The Circle’ season 4 as contestants. Although John, who catfished CarolIn the beginning, he tried to form an alliance with AlyssaRadio was something that the 27-yearold quickly realized. andTikTok personality Bru, was more her style. OnOn the other side, they want the girls to stick together. AlyssaEven tried to establish a connection with Yu-Ling, andThey seemed to be in a close relationship.

Are Yu-Ling Wu and Alyssa Ljubicich Still Friends? The Circle Update

AsAs the season progressed fans noticed how Alyssa and Yu-Ling’s alliance grew stronger with each passing day. They always had each other’s backs in group chats, andPeople believed that the two would be friends long after filming had ended. OnThe other hand, Episode 5 Yu-Ling and AlyssaAll are welcome Bru into their alliance before calling themselves the strongest “throuple” in ‘The Circle,’ season 4. Nevertheless, Yu-LingShe soon realized she had to win. Frank’s trust in order to give herself a winning chance. HoweverDoing so while being part of an alliance Bru and AlyssaIt was very difficult.

Interestingly, an opportunity soon presented itself when the show asked each contestant to save a co-star from the “virus,” who would then be safe from blocking. Much to everyone’s surprise, Yu-LingEnd up choosing Rachel, and BruThe difficult decision of which to choose was made. John (Carol) and Alyssa. Ultimately, the radio personality went along Carol, and AlyssaHe was removed from the game.

Are Yu-Ling Wu and Alyssa Ljubicich Still Friends?

Are Yu-Ling Wu and Alyssa Ljubicich Still Friends? The Circle Update

Yu-Ling’s sudden alliance change disappointed Alyssa and left everyone shocked. NeverthelessBefore you leave, AlyssaVisited Bru, who was also quite amazed by the results. Yu-Ling’s choice. HoweverIt was refreshing to see. Alyssa and BruAs friends, we can connect andThey promised to keep in touch after filming. BesidesIn her farewell video,, AlyssaWe decided to shed some shade on Yu-Ling andThe remaining contestants were asked to be cautious about who to trust.

EverSince filming was completed, Yu-Ling and AlyssaThey have kept quiet about their relationship andThey have not disclosed much information. AlthoughThey are both on social media and they rarely interact in public. Thus, although we would love to be proved wrong, all developments indicate that the friendship might have become more of a cordial relationship after the show’s events.

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