Are Yurika Yoneda and Kyle Freeman Still Friends? The One That Got Away Update

While there’s no denying that every single reality dating series comes with its own distinct drama, the kind Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The One That Got Away’ comprised was genuinely unlike any other. That’s because the production in itself focuses on second chances as well as missed connections, andThere was still plenty to go around, from misunderstandings to catfights and personal attacks at every turn. HoweverThe most surprising thing that ignited a complete firestorm was the friendship between Yurika Yoneda and Kyle Freeman — so now, let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Yurika and Kyle’s The One That Got Away Journey

AsThe leading cast members are treated to blasts from their past Kyle was in the first group of dates to enter through “the portal” (for Ashley Algarin), whereas YurikaWas in the second (for Vince Xu). TheyThey were both completely interested andTheir potential partners were invested in, but they lived in the exact same house. andThey had similar work schedules and became great friends. “Yurika, since she has been in the house, we’ve bonded,” the former candidly stated at one point. “SheFeels free to talk with me about my situation Vince. It feels like I’m one of her best friends.”

Kyle continued, “She just brings a good energy to this household.” OnOn the other side, Yurika said, “KyleYou are a wonderful person. Me and KyleAs if we are the first to get up in the morning. andWe make breakfast for the whole family because it is very therapeutic. and we like doing that.” InIn other words, they formed a purely platonic connection, which the latter made sure to share with VinceOnce she had the chance, but KyleWe failed to do it with Ashley.

Therefore, AshleyHe found it strange that he was constantly hugging a crying baby. YurikaShe will be consoled Sara Bella’s elimination (who had come for Nigel Sydnor) during their pool party. SaraAnother one was Yurika’s closest friends at the “guest house,” so she couldn’t help but feel heartbroken over the loss, and KyleHe was just doing his best to be there. TheOther dates attempted to explain the situation. AshleyYet, because there were three of them in front of her, she believed they were not just dismissing her concerns, but also attacking.

Are Yurika Yoneda and Kyle Freeman Still Friends? The One That Got Away Update

AshleySo, we decided to speak to Kyle one-on-one, starting off with, “I look over, your arms [are] around her, like, it’s just not a good look. And you didn’t speak a word of her, meaning you could’ve been like, ‘hey, just to let you know we are good friends.’” She actually didn’t let him clarify any further, no matter how hard he tried andThen, it was decided to send him home too, shattering Yurika’s heart again. Before leaving, though, KyleI made sure to tell VinceHe should not take. Yurika for granted because “she is the sh*t,” and thankfully, he didn’t.

Are Yurika and Kyle Still Friends?

OfOf course, based on what we can tell, consulting professional Yurika Yoneda andPersonal coach/physical therapist Kyle Dean FreemanContinue to be the best of friends. SheIs based in New York, whereas he’s in Las Vegas at the moment, yet they haven’t let the distance or the time come in between their platonic forever friendship in any way, shape, or form. IfYou can see the proof by checking out their respective social platforms. There, they sometimes interact through likes and comments.

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