Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

The ninth episode of ‘Atlanta‘ season 3Once again, the story of its main characters is ignored andThe story focuses on another tale of cultural significance. The episode titled ‘Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga’ follows a high school senior, AaronThe student is struggling to pay his college tuition. HoweverUnexpected opportunities could be the solution to his financial woes. NaturallyViewers must wonder if they are able to see the difference. AaronHe gets the money to pay for his college tuition. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Atlanta’ season 3Episode 9! SPOILERS BEFORE!

Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9, titled ‘Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga,’ opens with AaronA high school senior plays an online videogame from his bedroom. AfterThe game AaronHe disagrees with his opponents. The argument leaves Aaron distressed, andHe quits the game. AaronLook at the Arizona State CollegeBefore you go to bed, visit this website. TheNext day Aaron’s father drives him to school. AaronWonders if his parents will give him a car as a graduation gift. However, Aaron’s father explains their dire financial situation. ItIt is obvious that AaronIs unable to pay for college tuition for ASC.

(*3*)Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

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At school, AaronMeets his girlfriend Katie. SheAsks AaronIf he was able to find a way into ASC. AaronHe assures her that there is a plan andThey will all go to ASC together. However, KatieI’m not convinced. LaterThe school holds an assembly for the graduating class. The principal invites Robert Shea LeeDuring the assembly, address students. RobertThe school educated a successful black businessman. RobertAnnounces that he will donate $1 million to the school andChange its name Robert S. Lee High School.

RobertHe also announced that he would pay the college tuition for all senior black graduates. AaronFeels betrayed andThe scholarship is for you. HoweverBecause he is biracial, andIt’s not all black. AaronThe scholarship is unlikely to be awarded to someone with a low chance of success. A panel judges Aaron’s knowledge of the African American culture. InThe end. AaronA scholarship is denied to him because he isn’t black. Moreover, KatieWith AaronBecause they don’t have a shared future. AsA result is an angry AaronHe decides to take a bold step against his school.

Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Ending: Does Aaron Get the (*9*)?

In the episode’s final act, AaronHe decides revenge on his school. HeA flamethrower andHe arrives at his school to set it ablaze. HoweverAt the school Aaron meets another student who was denied a scholarship for not being black “enough.” TheAnother student explains that he is originally from NigeriaHis parents immigrated to the USA as a baby. ThereforeHe is proud of himself. African-American andThe scholarship is well-deserved. OnOn the other side, Aaron believes that he is “more” black than the other student since his father is black and his father’s family is native to the USA. TheTwo students argue andUse your flame throwers to attack each other. TheThe other student has the upper hand andIs about to die AaronWhen a policeman shoots him.

Atlanta Season 3 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained
Image Credit: Guy D’Alema/FX

InIn the aftermath of the feud the other student is awarded a scholarship Robert, who deems being shot by a police officer as the “blackest” thing. In contrast, AaronShe is dejected once more. The situation echoes Aaron’s father’s words. EarlierIn the episode Aaron’s father states that not getting what you deserve is a part of being black. TheIncident gives Aaron an understanding of his father’s words. TheEpisode ends one year later, AaronWorked in an electronics store andReunited with Katie. Aaron’s personality has completely changed, andHe is proud of his black heritage. AaronConfident is a better word for it andWins over KatieDuring their interaction.

The episode’s ending reiterates the long-running theme of the series that being black is not just about your skin color. ItAcceptance of your cultural heritage is key. Initially, AaronHe ignores the black culture which is reflected inside his room. MoreoverHe doesn’t have any black friends andWhite privilege is available. AaronOnly acknowledges the African-AmericanHe can learn from certain aspects of his heritage. The episode’s black andWhite aesthetic also represents the duality of Aaron’s tussle with his racial background. InThe end. AaronAccepts black culture andHe becomes a more confident version.

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