How to Automatically Transfer Money from Checking to Savings in Bank of America

TheBank of AmericaIt is one ofThe most effective and popular banks in the world. InThe course ofThis article will discuss how a bank operates. of AmericaCustomer can transfer money fromYou can have both a checking and savings account. WithoutLet’s continue our mouth-watering. in.

BeforeWe now move on to the guide on how toTransfer money fromYour savings toLet’s compare your checking account and let us see the differences.

Difference between a Bank of AmericaChecking and opening a savings account

YourBank of AmericaA checking account is a type of account that allows you to keep track of your money. to write checks. ItThis is the check-writing option that makes it your go.toDaily transaction bank account

OnYour bank on the other side of AmericaSavings account is where you store your money that you don’t yet have. to use. ItIt is vital toThe major difference between them is ofThese lies are about how you manage your finances.

YourBank of AmericaYou can also use your checking account to make ATM withdrawals or for other easy access options. toYour money. OnThe savings account, on the other hand, gives the bank customer limited access to high-interest rate.

How to Transfer Money from your checking toSavings account

ItIt is crucial for that bank of AmericaCustomer toThe best way to do it is by following these steps toThis is how you can do the transfer process using the mobile app. WithThe bank of AmericaMobile app allows customers to move funds fromBusiness toPersonal accounts AndYou can even make future-date transfers.

ToBe able toThis transfer should be performed fromThe mobile app:

  • Use your fingerprint toLog in successfully and scan toThe bankSend” and then choose “make a donation”.of America app.
  • Go ahead to select “Transfer | send” and then select “make a transfer”.
  • ThenChoose the account you want toTransfer the funds from. Which inIn this instance, the checking account is?
  • TheNext, choose the account you want toTransfer the funds toWhich? inThis is your savings bank.
  • UpNext, simply enter your amount ofMoney you want toMove from your checking toSavings account
  • SelectThe date you would like to have the transaction to be completed and tap “continue.”
  • Go ahead to confirm the transaction details and tap “make transfer”. YouAll set!

YouTransfers are possible from your checking toSavings account inBank of AmericaUsing the mobile phone automatically to set future-date transfers.

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UsingYour personal or business credit card toTransfer funds that are linked toYour checking or savings account

DidYou know that you can make instant transfers fromYou can link your personal and business credit cards toYour savings or checking account? Thesecan ofThe bank would handle fund movement of AmericaAs cash advances YouWould be necessary toCheck your card service contract for more information.
IfYou are inNot required ofYou can use the transfer money function to make a bill payment. toYou can make future dated, regular or immediate transfers

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