Bastard Anime End Credits, Explained

BasedThe manga series named after it was written and illustrated by Kazushi Hagiwara, ‘Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy-’ or ‘Bastard!! AnkokuNo Hakaishin’ is a fun and raunchy ONA filled with action, adventure, and heavy metal references. TheThe story continues Dark SchneiderThe most powerful wizard on the planet. HeHe nearly conquered the entire globe 15 years ago, but was defeated and his spirit was sealed in his reincarnation. Lucien Renlen. HoweverWhen his former disciples attempt bringing back an ancient evil, the humans cannot help but bring him back.

Mid and end-credits scenes are traditionally used to offer the audience a glimpse of what’s coming next and keep them engaged. Almost all the episodes of the first season of ‘Bastard’ have an end-credits scene, serving as a link to the following episode. As ‘Bastard’ is a split-cour anime, its 24 episodes have been divided into two cours, with the first one containing 13 episodes and the second 11 episodes. ForThey are distinct seasons, but they serve the same purpose. TheEnd credits scene in season 1 finale effectively links season 1 and season 2. HereIt contains everything you need to learn about it. SPOILERS BEFORE.

The End CreditsOf Bastard

TheThe final revolves primarily around the ongoing battle between Dark Schneider Thunder Empress Arshes Nei, a halfhuman, half-darkelf elf adoptive daughter, and former lover Dark Schneider. TheirBattle brings out all of the anger and frustration Arsheshe harbored toward Dark Schneider. Theythey were together for over 100 years. He made her one of his four disciples. Abigail, Gara, Kall-Su. HoweverShe also felt ashamed and disowned because Dark SchneiderHad amassed a Harem. InThe 15 years Dark SchneiderIt is gone. Arshes’s resentment toward him has only grown.

After Dark Schneider defeats Arshes’ three Sorcerer Generals — Sean Ari, Kai Harn, Di-amon — by seducing the first two and placing an Accusedspell on the third, an angry thunder empress decides that she will face him. However, Dark Priest AbigailQuestion her devotion to their cause now Dark SchneiderIt has returned. SheAllows him to place the Accusedspell on her to show that she was still loyal, unlike other people Sorcerer Generals GaraHe has already defected to Dark Schneider. If ArshesShe loses her fight against Dark SchneiderIf you join him, the color of your nail where the curse is placed changes from blue to purple or red. WhenIt turns crimson, ArshesWill be transformed into an immortal, hideous Toad.

DuringThey fight for both Dark Schneider ArshesCast HelloweenThe ultimate spell of destruction. JustAs Dark Schneider’s spell begins to overwhelm Arshes, LucienHe appears in front of him and tells him about the Accused spell. Arshes doesn’t want to die by the curse, nor does she want to kill Dark Schneider. ThisThe evil wizard directs his efforts at destroying the world. HelloweenYou can spell elsewhere.

InThe scene at the end of credits Dark SchneiderApproaches ArshesHe rips out his heart, killing himself to fulfill the vision of the prophet of royal family. AsThese are the points I made above. Dark SchneiderAlso, AccusedIt was also able to counter its effects. HeHe knew that he would have had to give his own life in order to save himself. Arshes. AccordingTo the original manga series Dark SchneiderLater, he revives himself and ArshesHe becomes the second of his four original disciples to rejoin him following his death. Gara.

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