Becoming Elizabeth Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ follows the early years of ElizabethI, focusing upon the events that shaped my future queen. WithEvery major character introduced in Episode1. The show continues with stirring the pot andTrouble is brewing for all the characters. PreviouslyThere was conflict outside, Lord ProtectorGoing on a War with Scotland. InThis episode, the war andAs differences between the parties cause turmoil, it is close to home. Mary Tudor and Edward I. WhileThe latter wants to impose his authority. Mary decides it’s time she claims the throne for herself. ThisLeaves ElizabethYou are in a difficult situation andShe is unable to make a choice without being influenced. InShe makes a major decision at the end that has consequences for her future and those of other characters. Here’s what it all means.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ begins with Thomas SeymourHowling through the air like a cockerel ChelseaFinally, I can finally get into Elizabeth’s room. Half-dressed himself, Thomas doesn’t care if ElizabethIt can also be dressed. ThisHer maids are alarmed, but ElizabethIt is amused. SheYou can also indulge Jane GreyWhen she sees the young girl looking at her, she is shocked. Robert Dudley andHis brother is far away.

AfterA jest at court leaves MaryDespite being hurt, she decides that she will take up the cause Spain’s offer after all. SheAttempts to get Elizabeth to her side, reminding her of their mothers’ fate andWarning her Catherine and Thomas’ intentions for her. King EdwardYou feel insecure Mary’s Catholicism andShe is required to convert. ThisAdditional pushes Maryto search for her allies andMake a move to the throne, and leave ElizabethYou are somewhere in between.

While Robert advises ElizabethIt is important not to pick a side. Catherine and ThomasTry their best to keep her at ChelseaThey discover that they are able to do so after they have had the opportunity to do so. MaryHad been invited ElizabethTo stay with her. While CatherineTry to win Elizabeth’s confidence with a kind nature andEducation conversations Thomas SeymourThis is a different approach. HisAdvancements toward ElizabethBe more aggressive AtFirst, she refuses to indulge him. She is concerned that it might damage her reputation andThis led to her death. InShe relents at the end. Thomas’s charms.

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 2 Ending, Explained


Make a decision. ElizabethIf she is to survive, she will need to be able to turn around at every opportunity English court. Her brother, EdwardVI, is more religious than ever, almost to the point where he becomes a fanatist. Her sister, Mary, remains strong in her faith. ThisThey clash, which leads to an escalating conflict and Elizabeth, no matter how much she doesn’t want to, has to pick a side. AfterA lot of back andShe makes her decision after much discussion.

BeforeYou must leave the court andMoving to Framlingham Castle, MarySends a letter ElizabethI asked her for her support in her faith. SheWants ElizabethTalk to EdwardAbout allowing her to continue practicing CatholicismWithout any restrictions. While ElizabethIs extremely sympathetic to MaryShe is conflicted about her next steps. She doesn’t understand why EdwardShe would not take such a drastic move, but she is becoming more aware of how others are trying to manipulate her. InIn the end, she must look out for her own interests. andShe feels quite secure in her current position.

While ElizabethAlthough she seems to have made her own decision, it is clear that her attraction towards Thomas SeymourParticipated in some way. SeymourHe has a way to seduce people to get what they want. WeYou can see him do the same when he is acting similarly. CatherineProtests the loss her jewels to The Lord Protector. LikewiseWhen? Elizabethhe rebuffs the initial advances andHe discovers she might leave ChelseaFor MaryHe becomes more assertive.

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

HeVisits Elizabeth’s room in the middle of the night andShe takes her to the empty room. HeShe is praised, especially after the hunting incident. ElizabethA single-handed kill of a stag. DespiteDespite her best efforts to avoid him, Elizabeth’s feelings work against her. SheKnows that being with Thomas SeymourThis will put her in a precarious position. andShe might see her mother die in the same way. ButHer late-night meeting with her was far more important SeymourThis can be seen in her decision of withdrawing any andAll support from Mary.

TheNext morning, she responds to Mary’s letter, letting her know that she has no intention of talking to EdwardMore about her. SheDoes this go against the advice given by her trusted governess. ElizabethAlso, visit the King, andShe does not want him to suspect her of being unruly and she decides to act ahead. SheLet him know that his ties with her are broken Mary, and she won’t be supporting her faith. This creates a clear line for Elizabeth???????????????? HoweverYou can support SeymourThis could cause her more problems in the future. At the moment, she doesn’t seem to have the foresight for it.

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