8 Best Google Workspace Add-Ons for Task Management

Google Workspace Marketplace offers many add-ons to task management that will increase productivity and help you get more done. These apps integrate seamlessly with Google Drive, Gmail and Google Calendar.

These Google Workspace addons are great for anyone who uses Workspace or one of its apps. They will help you manage tasks better.

Trello to Gmail, and Asana to Gmail require some action, such as creating an invoice, submitting a report or responding to feedback. Your productivity can be severely affected by switching back and forth between Gmail, your task management software, and adding tasks.

Trello for Gmail or Asanafor Gmail can assist you with this. These Workspace addons allow you to convert your emails into tasks right from your inbox. You can now add tasks to your favorite project management tool from Gmail.

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Asana for Gmail allows you to add team members, set due dates and add tasks directly from Gmail. Trello for Gmail, on the other hand creates tasks in Trello boards by setting subject lines and message descriptions.

Similar add-ons are available for other collaboration and project management tools, such as Trello and Asana. Although the functionality and features may vary, they all can help you save time.

Best Google Workspace Add-Ons


GQueues is a task manager for Google Workspace that claims to be a complete solution. It has many features that support this claim.

GQueues allows you to sync your Google Calendar and create and assign tasks. You can also collaborate with colleagues using GQueues. You can also create subtasks or recurring tasks to break down projects. It also allows you to add new tasks from Gmail or Google Calendar.

It can be integrated with Drive to share documents seamlessly. You can also create tasks from the Chrome extension.

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GQueues provides email reminders and pop-up reminders to ensure timely completion of tasks. For $3 per month, the paid plan provides more options and control. The free plan has basic features. For business, GQueues costs $4 per user per month.

Gantter Project Administration

Gantter, as the name implies, is a tool that allows you to manage projects using Gantt charts. It can be installed with Workspace apps.

It supports two-way sync with Calendar. You can update the status of your Gantter tasks by using the Calendar. It can also be integrated with Google Drive to save your files directly into your Drive.

It also integrates comments with Google Docs and Sheets to notify team members. You can also chat with your team members using Hangouts.

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You can choose from different plans depending on which apps you wish to integrate with Gantter. All plans are $5 per month.


Kanbanchi, a Kanban-style agile project management tool, can be integrated with Google Workspace as an additional-on. It integrates with Google Workspace, Calendar, Drive and Gmail.

Google Calendar allows you to add project dates and attach files. All Kanban boards can be saved as files to your Google Drive. You can also export data from any board to Google Sheets if you so desire.

Kanbanchi for Gmail is a separate addon that converts emails into tasks.

The Starter version is $8 per month, while the Professional plan is $20 per month. The Professional plan includes time trackers, Gantt charts and reporting features.


TasksBoard is a great tool for keeping track of Google Tasks tasks. This add-on for Google Workspace allows you to add your Google Tasks tasks onto a Kanban board. You can then view and manage them efficiently.

Once you have added your tasks to the board you can share them and collaborate with your colleagues. Multiple boards can be set up, labeled and colored for task management.

TasksBoard is $6 per month. Although there is a free plan available, it has very few features.

ProjectWork Planning

ProjectWork integrates seamlessly with many Google Workspace apps.

It allows you to create work breakdowns, show Gantt charts and track progress. ProjectWork Planning allows you to manage your resources and collaborate with other members of your team.

It works with Google Drive, Sheets, Calendar, Calendar, and Maps. It saves your schedules to Google Drive. This makes it easier to share and access them. ProjectWork reports can be automatically converted to Google Sheets spreadsheets.

You can also track milestones and deadlines from your Calendar.

The integration with Google Sheets and Calendar can only be obtained for Teams accounts, which cost around $4.52 per monthly. Only integration with Google Drive is available in the free plan.


Smartsheet supports integration with other tools, such as Google Workspace. There are separate add-ons available for Gmail and Google Docs.

This add-on syncs with Google Calendar to sync your schedule and allows you to add Drive files as attachments to Smartsheet. Your responses will be automatically added to the selected spreadsheet by integrating Forms and Smartsheet.

Smartsheet Merge allows you to easily create documents in Google Docs. This will allow you to add information to your document template. You can also add attachments or email to Smartsheet from Gmail.

Pricing for Smartsheets varies depending on many factors. No matter which plan you choose, integration with Google Apps is possible in all.


TickTick, a to-do app, offers multiple calendar views, reminders and timers. It also has collaboration features that can help you increase productivity. It can also be integrated with Gmail, simplifying your workflow.

After installing the add-on, and creating an account on TickTick you can turn your emails to the TickTick task directly from Gmail.

The fields are automatically filled in by TickTick, with the subject line being the task name and the email body being the description. These can be edited, you can set deadlines and assign tasks a high priority.

It can also be used with Google Assistant. TickTick also offers a premium version for $3 per month. For most people, however, the free plan will suffice.

Keep track of your tasks and projects

Google Workspace is a fully-featured productivity suite that includes almost all of the apps and features you need. You can also install the following add-ons if you require additional task management tools or integration with your collaboration tool.

These add-ons may extend the functionality of Google Apps, but Google Workspace already has many useful features that are well worth exploring.

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