Best Minecraft console commands and cheats

ReadyTo see the inside of the engine Minecraft and start tinkering? TheThe command line allows you to change game settings and skip long walks. andYou can find many interesting things to do with them. and dangerous entities. InputtingThese commandsIt is easy. WhilePlay MinecraftSimply bring up the chat window andAfter the slash, add your command. HereAre the best Minecraft console commands and cheats.

Best Minecraft console commands and cheats

ForSome of the commandsYou may also need the following list of id codes to access different blocks and status effects. YouYou can find a complete list of codes on the Minecraft WikiDepending on your version of game, the answer will be different. YouYou can also use http://HelpTo show the available commandsThank you for using our platform. andFor more information, type /help and follow it with a command.

ThisIt is far from a complete list. commandsBut it also provides a selection useful andCommon commandsThese are widely available on many platforms and have some basic uses.

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  • /clone – TheThe clone command takes an image of a specific region. andIt can be copied to another set of coordinates. ItIt is necessary to have at least three sets X, Y and Z coordinates. The first two sets define the opposite corners of the area you’re copying from. TheThe third set of numbers indicates where the structure will be copied.
  • /fill – If you’d like to just create an area dense with a specific block, the fill tool makes that simple. AfterFill in the command, type X,Y. andZ coordinates are followed by the ID number for the block that you want to use.


  • /me – The MeCommand, followed by a third-person statement, will simply share that you “did” that in chat.
  • /say – The Say command BroadcastsChat with everyone on the server to send a message.
  • /tell – Whispering secrets? FollowThe aforementioned TellTo send the message directly to the player, type the command and then the message. and no one else.


  • /clear – If you need a way to wipe out yours or another player’s inventory, the /clear command will do that in short order. You can simply type /clear for yourself, or add a space, then a player’s name, to erase their inventory.
  • /give – Instantly add an item to any player’s inventory, including yours, using the Give command. Put the player’s name first, the ID number of the item next, and the amount you’d like to give at the end.


  • /effect – The EffectThere are many uses for command, but two of the most common ones are to apply or remove player status effects. To apply an effect, simply add a player’s name andThe ID code for any effect. To clear them, instead add the word “clear” after the player’s name, where the status ID would go.
  • /enchant – The EnchantCommand works just like EffectIt works the same way except that it applies an enchantment on the item the targeted person is currently holding rather than the person.
  • /kill – ThisOne does exactly as it says. YouYou can target a mob or NPC with a player name. If you don’t provide any parameters, the kill command will kill you instead.
  • /teleport or /tp – These commandsThey may have minor differences in the use of parameters, but they have the same basic functionality: moving players around. TheTeleporting someone to you or another player is the most popular use. Either way, the first name after the command should be the player you’re trying to move, andThe player at the destination is the second name.


  • /op and /deop (Java only) – UseThe /op command is followed by a name of the player to promote them. Operator. ThisThis will give them greater access to the server commands and settings. IfThey abuse their power and the /deop command will take their titles away andMake them a regular player again.
  • KeepInventory when you dieJava only) – Use “/gamerule keepInventory true” to change the game rules to allow you to keep your inventory on your person when you die. To revert this, change “true” to “false”.
  • /list – The ListCommand displays a quick list of all players connected to this server.
  • /setmaxplayers (Bedrock only) – Need to let more people play? OrPerhaps things are getting too crowded. ThisCommand will change the number or players who can connect with you or your server.


If you do not feel like typing an entire player’s name out, you can use the following shortcuts to affect them faster or add a little RNG madness to your world.

  • @p – nearest player
  • @r – random player
  • @a – all players
  • @e – all entities


  • /atlantis – AreAre things a little too dry for you? UseThis command will raise the water level so that only the highest mountains on your server are above water.
  • /difficulty – MonstersGiving you trouble? The difficulty command lets you change the world’s difficulty settings on the fly. ThePeaceful setting prevents hostile mobs spawning. Bumping the difficulty to easy or medium will make the mobs do more damage. andMake sure you follow the rules when it comes to eating andSurviving is more difficult. Minecraft has a hardcore mode, where dying causes the world to reset, but it isn’t available as an option here, you have to select it when you create the map.
  • /gamemode – WhileChanging the difficulty will improve your chances of winning. MinecraftThe world is more forgiving than the other. GamemodeYou can switch between survival, creative or adventure mode with the command. It’s great for editing your adventures,Then testing them out, or switching to creative when you just need a few extra blocks.
  • /locate – Dropping the LocateYou can command in chat to find the closest structure. If you’re trying to quickly locate a village, mineshaft, or stronghold, this will tell you where to find it.
  • /locate Biome (Java only) – using this will point you to the nearest biome.
  • /mobevent – BeginsA mob event, such as a robbery, is ended or canceled. Pillager Raid).
  • /setworldspawn – Punch this command into chat to set the new spawn point for your world right where you’re standing. AlternativelyTo specify a distant point, you can add coordinates to the end. If you use the /spawnpoint command instead, you can set a player’s personal spawn point.
  • StopTime (Java only) – If you are tired of constantly setting the time to your desired setting, use “/gamerule doDaylightCycle false” to stop time in its tracks. Replace “false” with “true” to reactivate the time cycle.
  • /summon – UseThis command summons any mob, as well as a variety of nonblock items, into your world. You’ll need to use the EntityYou can find IDs on this page Gamepediapage to actually spawn in a correct mob or item
  • /time – InYou can use the instead of an in-game clock TimeTo set the current game time or to find out what it is right now, use the command below. OneOne of the most popular uses is to skip over nighttime in creative mode. To do this, enter time set 0, which will instantly turn the clock back to dawn.
  • /weather – TooYou like rain? The WeatherYou can change the weather by simply following the command. Clear, RainOr Thunder. YouYou can leave it empty to set it andLet the weather change naturally, or add a few seconds for the downpour.

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