Top Best Pokemon ROM Hacks of 2022

The Pokemon community is one of the most important communities on the Internet. Their passion for Pokemon, comics, anime, and movies related to it keeps growing.

Many people began playing Pokemon Go after the release of Pokemon Go. Switching between a Gameboy Advance or Nintendo is easy. You can purchase incredible games such as Pokemon gold and silver, white and black, and the newest release, Pokemon sword, and shield.

It can be expensive to play the Pokemon ROMs. You will have to pay a lot of money for it. First, you will need to purchase the console and then the game.

You don’t have to spend a lot on Pokemon games. There are many other ways you could play the game for free. Playing Pokemon ROM hacks is easy on your mobile phone, computer, or laptop.

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Top Best Pokemon ROM Hacks: Our Top Pick

Since 2000, the Pokemon community has created non-official Pokemon games using different software. These games are called ROM hacks. Rom hack games look similar to the original game but will be completely different.

Consider the official Pokemon red game. One creator might make a hack of Pokemon Red. The only difference from the original is the difficulty level. Other creators might change the storyline. You can therefore have multiple versions of a single game.

Rom hacks are great because you can use them with the right emulator on any device. Emulators run the rom games on your device.

Visual boy advance, for example, is an excellent emulator that can be used on both mobile phones and computers. We will be discussing some of the most popular rom hacks you can use in this article.

After comparing each game, I created a list you can use. You can also check out the poke community website for many other games.

You don’t have to read the entire list in order. Each game is great and offers unique features you will love.

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Pokemon Light Platinum VersionPokemon light platinum is one of the most popular Pokemon ROM hacks. Pokemon light platinum is a remake of the Pokemon ruby version. You can play it on any GBA emulator.

Pokemon light platinum features a unique storyline you’ll love. You can also find a new region, the Zhery Region. This game is different from Pokemon ruby. You can catch all Pokemon in the game, even legendary Pokemon up to Generation 4.

These are the unique features of the Pokemon platinum version.

  • Explore the new Zhery region.
  • This game features new gym leaders and elite four.
  • Compete with new competitors
  • You can also travel to four additional locations from the Zhery area. These are Hoen and Kanto, as well as Sinnoh and Johto.
  • This game allows you to catch all the Pokemon, including the legendary Pokemon.
  • Some events are unique.
  • You will love some of the unique sprites.
  • The creators also added a final event: the Pokemon world championships.

So I tried Pokemon Light Platinum…

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Pokemon Dark Rising Version

DarkRisingGirl created Pokemon dark rising, a fan-made video game. This game was built on the Pokemon FireRed Rom. My favorite Pokemon ROM hack is Pokemon dark rising.

Dark Rising is unlike any other game. It is a favorite of Pokemon fans. This is a huge game series that includes four games. You play the role of a character who must save the world in the dark Rising.

It has a different story than the other games. There are two versions of Pokemon dark rising. The dark rising Kazio version is the second.

These are the features of the Pokemon dark emerging version:

  • Every gym leader has a unique Pokemon.
  • Newer moves like shadow claw, scale, and roost are available. These moves are included in this game.
  • The game now includes DW abilities.
  • Leveling up will enable all Pokemon to learn their egg moves if found in water or grass.
  • Joy, the nurse who fights for you, can give you experience.

These are the features of the Pokemon Dark Rising Kazio version:

  • You will find many side questions and additional stories.
  • This version adds new moves, enemies, locations, and more.
  • The main version was updated to fix bugs and other glitches.

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version

After you finish playing Pokemon dark Rising, you can start playing Pokemon Dark Rising 2. This is the sequel to dark rising. Dark rising 2 continues the story of dark rising.

The game is also inspired by Pokemon fire red rom. The game allows you to meet and capture all of the Pokemon available. The dark-rising series of hacks for Pokemon ROMs is the best.

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Episode 1 “Reborn.”

These are some features of Pokemon dark Rising 2:

  • They also added fairy-type Pokemon.
  • Mega evolution was added to the game.
  • You will now find different Pokemon at night and day.
  • Hidden abilities and new moves have been added.
  • This game has 12 gyms.
  • You can choose from a variety of starter Pokemons, including a dragon.
  • This hack now includes new custom music.
  • There are 193 Pokemon that can be caught.

Pokemon Glazed and Blazed Glazed Version

Blazed Glazed and Pokemon Glazed versions are based on the Pokemon Emerald version. Pokemon Glazed lets you pretend that you are a 12-year-old child who wants to be the best Pokemon trainer.

This is the most recent release of completed Pokemon ROM hacks. You will need to travel through the Tunod region to reach Johto.

A fan found a flaw in Pokemon Glazed after playing it. He improved the game and released Pokemon Blazed Glazed.

The new version is almost identical to the original but has minor changes. Pokemon Blazed Glazed can be a difficult game and requires a lot of experience. Pokemon Blazed Glazed is a great rom hack.

These are some of the features of Pokemon Glazed and Blazed Glazed:

  • You can choose from five different starter Pokemon.
  • Three regions in one.
  • The Dreamworld Pokemon were added.
  • You will eventually be able to catch all the starters at some point during the game.
  • You can have a rematch between all the trainers and gym leaders.
  • You can also travel between Pokemon World and the real world to get a Madkip.

Pokemon Resolute Version

Pokemon Resolute is a hack for the Pokemon Emerald version. Because of its incredible storyline, this game is very popular in the Pokemon community. You start your journey in a small town with your starter Pokemon, just like every Pokemon game.

After some time, an evil group attempts to cause chaos in the area. You will encounter and battle each evil team member, Team Mirage.

You must defeat them using your Pokemon party and your skills.

These are the main features in the Pokemon Resolute version.

  • You can play the game in a completely new area with new gyms.
  • There are three regions in total: Sylon, Tyron, and Johto.
  • You can also battle other players around the globe in the battle department.
  • This game includes some Alolan forms and Pokemon from generations 4, 5, 6, and 7.
  • Mega evolutions were added to the game.

Pokemon Mega Power Version

Emerald ROM hacks Pokemon mega power. This is the first emerald game to allow mega evolutions. The latest Pokemon Mega power release is by the developer. If you are interested in the entire story, it is best to play Pokemon resolute first before you start the game.

You play the role of a genius scientist who wants to create the strongest Pokemon. You make a deal to fulfill your dream with team delta, an evil leader. Find out what happens when team leader delta betrays your dream.

These are some of the unique features of the Pokemon Mega Power Version:

  • Pokemon is available from Generations 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
  • All mega evolution Pokemon’s available.
  • You can now play the game in three new regions: Ivara, Lande, and Sevii Islands.
  • There are many more secrets in the game.

Pokemon Nameless Version

The Pokemon Nameless version is a hack of the Pokemon FireRed version. Nameless is the sequel to Pokemon Resolute and the prequel to Pokemon Mega power. You can have a complete experience by playing all three games.

All three games have a common story. Although the game is complete, there will be updates in the future to fix bugs and other glitches.

You play the role of Chronya in Pokemon Nameless. She is Cyenn’s hero. You were traveling to the Cyenn area when you encountered a Dark Workers team. You must defeat this team to win glory in the region.

These are the unique features of Pokemon Nameless Version:

  • It’s an open-world game that is named after a particular town.
  • It features the White/Black repell system.
  • You can play in four regions: Cyenn and Sevii Islands, Western Tyron, and Lande.
  • The game includes Pokemon from generations four through eight.
  • Instead of the Pokemon league, there is a Pokemon tournament.
  • Mega evolutions were added.
  • Start the story by getting a huge Pokemon.
  • Skills can be used instead of HM moves.
  • You can choose when to begin the story missions.
  • The Nintendo 3ds emulator can be used to play the game.

Pokemon Gaia Version

Pokemon Gaia hacks the Pokemon FireRed Rom. Spherical Ice, the game’s developer, has made significant improvements to the graphics and sprites.

The amazing features found in the ROM hack of Pokemon Gaia surprised me. This hack can be called one of the most amazing Pokemon ROM hacks in 2020.

You begin your journey in the Orbtus area. The Orbus area was once a densely populated region. But, everything changed when earthquakes and other natural disasters hit.

This region is now a collection of monuments, temples, and idols that are all gone. The game begins when an archaeologist from the area seeks assistance.

To help you understand recent seismic activity in the area, he gives you a starter Pokemon. You have to save the region and prevent another catastrophe.

These are some features of the Pokemon Gaia Version:-

  • All six regions have Pokemon, including Kanto, Johto, and Kalos, and Sinnoh, Hoenn, and Unova.
  • Move sets of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are available.
  • It is easy to find items such as Assault Vests, Ability Pills, Choice Specs, etc.
  • Mega Launcher, Sheer force, and other modern abilities were added.
  • Mega evolutions and fairy types have been also added.
  • You can play underwater.
  • It features the White/Black repell system.
  • The contest of Bug catching is on.
  • Capturing Pokemon gives you experience.
  • You can use TM’s over and over again.
  • Hidden Grottoes and secret temples are available.
  • The game’s developers have updated the trainers and Pokemon sprites.

Pokemon Snakewood Version

Another Pokemon ruby hack is Pokemon Snakewood. This game is very different than the other rom hacks because it has zombies. You read that correctly.

They came up with a game that combined zombies and Pokemon. This game is dark and funny with some great dark humor. If you’re looking for laughter and a fun adventure, I recommend these Pokemon Rom Hacks.

You start from Pokemon ruby’s end. You play the role of the main character in Pokemon ruby. You awaken in Littleroot town without any memory and discover zombies have taken over the Hoenn region.

Professor Birch will give you a starter Pokemon. The game’s main goal is to find Landon, your brother, and May, the professor’s little girl. You will encounter many zombies, ghouls, and demons during your adventure.

These are the main features of Pokemon Snakewood.

  • Discover new areas like Maddening Island, Hoenn University for film, and hidden meathouse.
  • Even Pokemon can be made into zombies.
  • Different methods can earn badges, as not all gyms have been destroyed.
  • This game features a dark and unique storyline.
  • Fake moans are often used to make fun of Pokemon.
  • Many references are made to films, manga, books, and other hacks.
  • Some Pokemon from Sinnoh, Unova, and other regions have been added.
  • New sprites, scripts, and overworlds are included in the game.
  • The game’s difficulty level has been raised.

Version Pokemon Flora Sky

Have you ever felt that something is missing while playing Pokemon? That is what I felt. This is how I discovered the Pokemon Flora Sky version.

It’s a Pokemon Emerald hack version that has everything. The game has many hidden areas, mountains, caves, and other stuff. You will be amazed at the beauty of every corner.

This game lets you explore a world full of legendary Pokemon. Giratina intends to destroy the world. Your mission is to save it. You will be competing against Team Aqua and Team Magma in this game.

You will discover new features as you progress through the game. You can now catch all the Pokemon in the game with the final release, Flora sky. This hack is one of the best Pokemon ROM hacks you’ll ever use.

These are some features of the Pokemon Flora Sky Version.

  • The Generation 4 and Generation 5 pokemon were added.
  • There are new stories and characters.
  • New events are available where you can catch the legendary Pokemon.
  • You can find a new map, move, items, HM, and many minigames.
  • It uses a day/night system, with daily events happening from time to time.
  • All Pokemon are possible to be caught in the game.

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Version

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is considered the best version of Pokemon Theta. It has the most variety in gameplay. This is an updated Pokemon Theta Emerald ROM hack.

Over 700 Pokemon you can capture and train in this game to help you become the best Pokemon trainer.

The older version only had about 100 move sets, so this game boasts more than 600. The storyline of the game is identical to that of Pokemon Theta Emerald.

These are some of the most amazing features of Pokemon Theta Emerald Ex:-

  • All 721 Pokemon can be captured, including the legendary water/fire type Volcanion.
  • There are more than 600 move sets in the game.
  • It is important to distinguish between special and physical moves.
  • There are over 100 abilities. Every ability from generation one through six is present.
  • The game now includes move sets and Pokemon of fairy type.
  • There are many new items that you can find in the wild or buy at the poke shop.
  • All TM’s can be reused.
  • Mega evolutions were added to the game. You can also find all the mega stones in the wild.
  • Indoor running is possible.
  • The Battle Frontier has been updated so that any trainer can bring any Pokemon into battle.
  • Catching a new Pokemon can give you experience.
  • The best thing about HM moves is to delete them and replace them.
  • Level 250 is the maximum level that a Pokemon can reach.

During our research on Best Pokemon ROM Hacks, we discovered a video called Which Pokemon are You?. It is well worth watching.

Which Pokemon are You?

Pokemon Clover Version

Pokemon Clover is a hack for Pokemon FireRed. This is one of the most popular fake Pokemon ROM hacks. You can train and catch fakemons in the game, just like regular Pokemon.

This ROM hack has a different storyline than any other Pokemon ROM hacks. Pokemon clover is the best option if you want to play a fake Pokemon game.

These are some features of the Pokemon Clover Version.

  • You can complete the adventure in two fully-featured areas.
  • All 386 fake moans created by /VP/ can be collected and trained.
  • The game has been enhanced with custom soundtracks.
  • The game uses battle engines of generations 7 and 8.
  • All battle backgrounds can be customized.
  • The game now includes wonder trading.
  • The game features new Poke balls, which are custom-made.
  • You will find many new phenomena and hidden caves.
  • All TM’s can be reused in this game.
  • The best thing about HM moves is to delete them and replace them.
  • There are many side quests and secrets that you can uncover.

Pokemon Liquid Crystal

The story of Pokemon liquid crystal is very peaceful. It was created using fire red rom. This game can be described as a remake of Pokemon crystal. It is a game boy-color game.

This hack alters the storyline and map of fire-red. You will see that Pokemon liquid crystal has the same storyline as Pokemon crystal. There will be some events you won’t find in Pokemon crystal.

These are the unique features of the Pokemon liquid-crystal version:

  • The game can be played in Kanto or Johto.
  • You can explore an entire region, including the orange island.
  • The soundtracks are better than the original.
  • You can find different Pokemon day and night in the game’s day and night systems.
  • With better graphics and sprites, the visuals of these games have been enhanced.
  • You can also use different battle tactics.
  • New battle music has been added for rival battles.
  • You will find new scripts, secrets, and other events while you travel throughout the region.
  • To obtain new Pokemon, there are now more in-game trades.
  • You will find many other unique features while playing the game.

Pokemon Fusion Origin

Pokemon fusion origin is the newest addition to the top rom hacks for 2020. This ROM hack is Pokemon Fire red and was created by Lil Ralph. This Pokemon fusion origin hack is not like any other Pokemon ROM hack.

You don’t have to be able to catch the regular Pokemon. This game has a lot more fusion Pokemon.

There are currently more than 200 fused Pokemon you can catch and train in the game. The game is still in development. It will play a small part in the final game.

These are some of the unique features in the Pokemon Fusion Origin version.

  • There are many Pokemon fusions you can try in matchups.
  • With new plots and storylines, you can explore a vast area with altered maps.
  • You can reuse the TMs in Pokemon Fusion Origin.
  • You can find the EV/IV information for the Pokemon in the first town.
  • The developer has created custom moves and abilities for fused Pokemon.
  • The game now features move sets and Pokemon of fairy type.

Pokemon Sienna

Pokemon Sienna stands out among other Pokemon fire red hacks created by hashtag. If you’re a big Pokemon ROM hack lover, this hack is for you.

The game was developed by the developer in 2010.

Because your choices determine Pokemon Sienna’s entire game, it is truly unique. You read that right. Your choices will affect how the story ends. Although most of the Pokemon in the game looks the same as the real thing, they are all fakes.

These are some of the unique features in the Pokemon Sienna edition.

  • New Region: Fakemons will find their home in Voltan, a beautiful and difficult location.
  • Choice Based Storyline: The story will be influenced by your choices and decisions while playing in-game.
  • New Tiles: Beautiful and realistic new tiles and sprites for every new town and city.
  • Focus Punch can hit a larger tree, and rare Pokemon will fall from the tree.
  • New Pokemon: There are many types of Pokemon in the Voltan region.
  • Fourth Generation Move Sets: Sienna moved from the fourth to all other moves from the previous generations.
  • You can travel between different regions: Meet new people and make new friends.
  • New Music and Soundtracks: Sienna features new music in a selection of its courses, cities, and towns.

Pokemon Sienna Review |(GBA Romhack Review!)

Pokemon Radical Red

Yuuii has created a great rom hack for Pokemon fire red called Pokemon Radical Red. This hack alters interactivity components of fire red.

It is easy to follow and includes interactive or better mechanics that might be of interest. This ROM hack boasts that it can be quite difficult and testing.

This is not a ROM hack that you can play with lightly. It is a game that is challenging and fun. You can also randomly choose the start of the game.

Because it is so difficult, it doesn’t fit. However, once you have completed the game, you can run another random game.

These are some of the unique features in the Pokemon Radical Red edition.

  • The overworld contains all the Pokemon from generation 8 and up.
  • Mega evolution is an option in the game.
  • The developer added new capabilities to the Pokemon.
  • This game is more difficult than the other Pokemon ROM hacks.
  • There is an ability to swap between Saffron and other languages.
  • To get your mega stones, you can have rematches of all the top gym leaders.
  • A move tutor can also teach the Pokemon all their egg moves.
  • Raid battles are possible.
  • Both day and night systems exist.
  • The eight-gen experience can be purchased as a share.

Pokemon Radical Red is Amazing…

Pokemon Wally Edition

Wally is a familiar name if you’ve played Pokemon Emerald. We help him catch his first Pokemon Ralts.

Every poke-maniac wanted to learn the story of Wally, so Bladecraft created Pokemon Wally Edition. You play as Wally to experience his journey through the Pokemon world.

The alternate universe of Pokemon Emerald is Pokemon Wally edition. Here, Wally is the true Pokemon champion and not Brendan. Wally defeats Brendan in a Pokemon battle. This game is for those who love Pokemon Emerald and want to live Wally’s story.

These are some of the most amazing features in the Pokemon Wally Edition version.

  • Wally’s story is one of the best parts of the game.
  • All the Pokemon can be found in the Hoenn region.
  • It is difficult to defeat all the Pokemon in the gym.
  • The best thing about the site is the ability to choose whether you want to fight a single or double battle with the gym leaders.
  • Some Pokemon now have a buff.

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters

The Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters game is based on the Pokemon Adventure Read Manga. However, the creator has made a few changes to improve the game’s appeal.

The game developer created the hack using the Pokemon Fire Red base, giving it a harder difficulty level. Pokemon Adventure Red was the most popular Pokemon hack for a long time. Fans are eager to play the game and are waiting for new enhancements and updates.

These are some of the most amazing features in the Pokemon Adventures Red Chapters edition.

  • The Manga series is the basis of the entire game story.
  • For balance, the developers have either nerfed or buff several Pokemon.
  • The storyline is enhanced with many bonuses and new events.
  • It follows a night and day system.
  • You can travel to multiple locations to catch new Pokemon.
  • The game now includes Fairy-type Pokemon.
  • You can play the game to discover all its hidden features.

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter Review (GBA RomHack)

Pokemon Saiph

Pokemon Saiph is one of the most popular rom hacks that was developed in 2020. Vytron created it as a hack for Pokemon Fire Red. It revolves around a mysterious crystal that has energy.

Your job is to uncover the secrets of the crystal and save the planet from the evil team. The Colen region is a new region that Pokemon Saiph can explore. After beating the game, you will be able to travel to Hoenn.

The Pokemon Saiph video game has a lot more content. Pokemon Saiph is for you if you enjoy playing Pokemon ROM hacks. You can explore many hidden areas to find hidden content and items.

These are some of the most amazing features in the Pokemon Saiph edition.

  • Two regions are available for you to explore: Colen and Hoenn.
  • This game was inspired by Black and White music and art styles.
  • You can use all the TMs within the game multiple times.
  • The game now includes Fairy-type Pokemon.
  • The developer added all the new abilities, move set, items, and Pokemon.
  • A new evil team, Team Void, will be encountered.
  • You will meet different Pokemon throughout the day and at night.

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

Dragonfyre has created an incredible Pokemon Emerald ROM hack called Pokemon Sovereignty of the Skies. Dragonfyre, the game’s developer, created it using Codebase. It is available in English as well as German.

The game has many new features. We’re sure you’ll enjoy Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies if you like playing them.

The storyline of Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies is very similar to other Pokemon Rom Hacks. The game takes place within the Amitec region. There are many Pokemon that can be caught and trained.

In Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies, your father is a professor and gives you your first Pokemon. Your goal is to travel the globe and be the Pokemon world champion.

These are some of the most amazing features of the Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies edition.

  • This is a new area to discover and catch Pokemon until generation 7.
  • Developers have updated the game with new music, overlays, titles, and enhancements.
  • There are night and day features.
  • You can change the difficulty of the game.
  • Your actions and decisions can impact the outcome of the future.
  • The Amite region has a lot of interesting ruins.

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies: Pokemon Rom Hack Review/Showcase

Emulators for GBA:-

It can be difficult to play Pokemon on both a PC and a mobile device. Your computer or mobile phone’s operating system cannot read the game boy advance rom files that contain Pokemon games.

An emulator program that can run Gameboy advance rom files is required to play the games. Emulator software is a program that reads the files and outputs a game.

The game file is also required. You can find it at the links above. These emulators can be downloaded for free from the Internet. These links will allow you to download the most popular GBA emulators for different operating systems.

Nintendo DS Emulators:-

The Nintendo DS is a popular console for playing Pokemon games. The Nintendo DS has all the latest Pokemon games. These games won’t work with GBA emulators.

Some rom hacks can be written from NDs rom. This is why we need a DS emulator capable of running such files. These links will allow you to download the best Nintendo DS emulators for different operating systems.


We have now seen the best Pokemon ROM Hacks. You can still play many fan-made games. These games are the best from hacks. These games have the best story, gameplay, Pokemon rosters, and many other features.

The main question is: Which one will you choose to play first? We guarantee it will be memorable and fun, no matter which game you choose.

The most passionate Pokemon fans created these games. The Pokemon community has also aided them in identifying any bugs or glitches.

It is now your turn to get on your phone or computer and explore the Pokemon world. We hope you can capture all Pokemons and be the Pokemon master in your area.

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