8 Best Sites Like Liveleak | Alternatives Websites for Viral Video

LiveLeak is a video-sharing website that has been a great resource for sharing and finding films in many genres and topics, including politics, sports, and celebrity gossip. LiveLeak is restricted in many countries due to disturbing and graphic content concerns. We have a wide selection of similar sites to LiveLeak that will satisfy your video content needs. We’ll be discussing the top 8 Liveleak alternatives in this article.

LiveLeak allows users to upload videos like YouTube. The goal is to find videos that show the truth about important international issues, politics, and other significant events.

We believe in freedom to express our opinions and not influence others. Liveleak is banned because of issues with live broadcasts or recordings. These are the best Liveleak alternatives.

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Top 8 Sites Like Liveleak | Alternatives for 2022

The following websites feature uncut footage from the nightly news. These sites have more footage than you will ever see on TV, and some of them are quite shocking. These sites won’t contain any explicit gore or nastiness, but you will still be amazed by the films. Here are some of the best Liveleak alternatives.

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Xfinity Videos

Xfinity Video has great films that will make your heart swell. You’ll also find a lot of entertainment from the video quality on this website. Xfinity Video offers both premium and free plans. You can choose from many categories to find videos to watch. Because of its wide range of videos, this website is the best.

AOL Video

AOL Video is our second site, following LiveLeak. AOL Video caters to all types of users and keeps them coming back with its large collection of thousands upon thousands of movies. In addition to its video material, AOL Video allows users to find videos and other entertainment-oriented content from other sites.


Metacafe offers a welcome respite if you still long for LiveLeak’s beautiful design and extensive video collection. You can navigate the site easily by using another trending, newest, and popular sections. Metacafe’s intuitive interface is a highlight of the site, along with its extensive video library.


SnapTube, which is similar to Liveleak’s video-sharing site, offers millions of movies from all genres. Snaptube allows you to view and download videos from social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can search for videos using different keywords. This gives you more options and allows you to view many movies. This website allows you to download videos and search for new ones.


crazyshit is similar to Liveleak. You can create a record and make your channel.


Although this is a great alternative to LiveLeak, it isn’t as well-known as it once was. It is not well-known by many people. It is a great service that allows you to watch many movies.

This website offers high-quality movies and pictures. The website may also contain funny cartoons and movies. There are also naughty movies. It’s also great for break-time viewing.


Vimeo is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites online like LiveLeak. You can access free video material and premium subscriptions with additional benefits and features. Vimeo is well-known for its high-quality video collection and user-generated content.


MyVidster, a competitor to LiveLeak, allows you to discover free films. It also allows you to integrate your favorite videos from other platforms so that all of them can be viewed in one place. This is a good start.

Stay tuned for more. MyVidster users can follow other users to see their videos. You can also view collections from other sites like LiveLeak and Vevo, Funny or Die, and many more.


You can share files and watch them with your family and friends on sites such as LiveLeak. These platforms are full of great material. These platforms are full of entertainment and fun. Choose the one that interests you from this list. If you have a lot of time, you can visit multiple museums every day. We would love to see more additions to this list. Please let us know by commenting below.

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