Best ways to use resin in Genshin Impact

Resin in Genshin ImpactThis valuable resource allows you to to participate inCertain activities in Genshin Impact. ResinIt is also closely tied to character progression, as many items you need are related to it. toYour characters will be locked behind domains that require ascend resin.

WithSo many options ways toSpend resin inThere are days when you might want to use the game resinFor one thing over the other. It’s not every day you need MoraYou don’t need to buy a new artifact every day.

HereHere are some of the ways you can use resin in Genshin Impact:

Weekly Bosses

Best ways to use resin in Genshin Impact
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ThereThere are many weekly bosses in Genshin ImpactThat drop Artifacts, Ascension Materials, Talent Level-Up MaterialsYou can find out more. TheseBosses include examples such as Childe, Dvalin, and Raiden Shogun. TheseThese are not easy fights, but they are possible toYou will be rewarded with a lot.

To claim the reward of a weekly boss, you’ll need toSpend 30 ResinThe first three weekly bosses are 60 Resin afterward. ThisThis is a costly way to go. toSpend your Resin, but it’s also necessary, as this is the only way you can obtain certain Talent Level-Up Materials. As this is a weekly instance, it’s recommended to set aside one day toBurn through the Weekly BossesYou will need.


The Lost Valley Domain The Chasm Genshin Impact
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DomainsThere are many situations where you can take part inA fight. AtYou have the chance to win this fight. toRedeem some Resin toYou can earn a reward EachDomains can offer you a different reward. Talent Level-Up Materials, Artifacts, Weapon Ascension Materials.

ToClaim your reward in a domain, you’ll need toSpend 20 Resin per try. If you get a new powerful weapon or character, it’s recommended toFind the right domain and start spending your money resinTry toHere are some ways to upgrade your stuff.

Ley Line Outcrops

Best ways to use resin in Genshin Impact

Ley Line OutcropsAre there activatable fights? inThe overworld. OnceYou have the chance to defeat the enemies who come from this fight. toRedeem some ResinFor CharacterEXP MaterialsOr Mora.

Like Domains, Ley Line Outcrops require you toSpend 20 Resin per reward. IfYou will need toLevel up a new character inIn desperate need MoraThis is the best way to go toSpend your resin. OtherwiseYou should look elsewhere.

World Bosses

Genshin Impact

World BossesAre bosses available? inExclusive: The overworld that drops exclusive Character Level-Up Materials. TheseThese bosses are the only source for these Character Level-Up MaterialsThese bosses must be fought regularly if you want to get a new character.

DefeatingA World BossGives you the chance toSpend 40 ResinYou deserve a reward The best way to utilize World BossesIt is toYou can keep many of the materials that they have dropped while you wait for a new character.

Condensed Resin

Activate the mechanism The Chasm in Genshin Impact

Condensed ResinThis is a consumable item which converts Original ResinIn a new form Resin. WhenYou useYou will receive double rewards if you claim a reward.

ToMake Condensed ResinYou will need toSpend 40 Resin1 Crystal Core. MakingThis item doesn’t give you any extra rewards, but it saves time when you farm in areas like Domains. It’s recommended toIf you plan to spend your time farming, make sure to get these items Domains.

ThoseThese are the best waysYou can spend Resin in Genshin Impact! UseYou only have a certain amount of it each day, so use this resource wisely.

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