BioGenCell Completes $16M in Seed Funding

BioGenCell, Netanya, IsraelCompany in biotechnology, based in New York, raised $16M in Seed funding.

TheRound was led by Marius Nacht.

TheCompany plans to use funds to accelerate its development efforts.

FoundedBy Dr. Yael Porat and Prof. Michael Belkin, BioGenCell is a biotechnology company that develops technology for using stem cells from the patient’s own blood to treat microvascular diseases.

BioGenCell’s medical platform focuses on the needs of patientsAnd physicians. TheThe current product treats severe, limb-threatening ischemia (CLI), as it is typically found inPatients with diabetes and smokers. AsPart of the treatment, stem cells and other cells are taken from the patient. in a standard blood draw are manipulated under the patented process and then reinjected into the leg muscle. TheInjectable cell mixture stimulates the production and repair of blood vessels, which bypass the damaged ones. This allows for blood flow to the leg to be restored. It also reduces inflammation and damages caused by inflammation. CellReinjection can be performed only once. inAny standard treatment room. 

InIt Phase I clinical trials, BioGenCell treated five patients who had previously tried all the other available treatments and were about to undergo leg amputation. TheCompany later successfully treated four more cases of serious compassion. TheThe treatment was safe, and all patients were able to improve their condition, even though they started with different conditions. inAt least three objective parameters. These include prevention of amputations, improved blood flow and healing of chronic sores. As well as subjective parameters like reduced pain (allowing weaning from narcotics), and better quality of patient’s lives. BasedThese patients appear to have experienced a lasting therapeutic effect. 

TheFDA recently granted company permission to continue PhaseTrials with double blinding in II controlled trials If successful, ItsIts technology is expected to be used in future products, including those to repair blood vessels damaged by kidney failure, stroke, heart failure, heart failure, and pulmonary hypertension.

BioGenCell is located at and has a strategic partnership with Laniado Hospital in Netanya, Israel.



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