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InThe Black Mesagame, there is a set console commands that can be used by a gamer without activating sv_cheats. TheyYou can use this to achieve some achievements andIn-You don’t have to play the game to earn game rewards. InIn this article, we will be looking at the Black Mesa console commands andCheats 2022. 

ListOf All Black Mesa Console CommandsIn 2022

ForA player must go to the game collection to be able use the console commands. andSelect the properties option.

AfterwardClick the Launch Options button and see a text box where they would need to type “–console”. AfterAfter launching the program, the console will now appear. Black Mesa game.  WhenYou can simply type to load the game. Bind P toglelconsole.  KindlyNote that the letter p may be replaced by any other letter.

The Black Mesa Give Console Command

WithThe GiveYou can cheat in the dark MesaThe player can also get other items that can be used to make a weapon. WhatThe only thing the player has to do is use the format.  Give itemname. ItIt is important that you note that the space must exist between the two words in order for the command’s to work.

All Black mesa cheat List 

give item_battery – Battery
give item_longjump – LongJump
give item_healthvial – Healthvial
give item_healthkit – Healthkit
give item_airtank – Airtank
give item_antidote – Antidote
give item_sodacan – Soda Can
give item_suit(HEV) – Suit

The Give Weapons Cheat List

give weapon_crowbar – Crowbar
Give weapon_357 (Magnum) – 357
give weapon_crossbow – Crossbow
give weapon_hornetgun – Hornet Gun
give weapon_mp5 – MP5
give weapon_shotgun – Shotgun
give weapon_tau – Tau
give weapon_glock – Glock
give weapon_rpg – RPG
give weapon_gluon – Gluon
give weapon_satchel – Satchel
give weapon_hivehand – Hivehand
give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
give weapon_snark – Snark
give weapon_frag(grenades) – Frag Grenades
give weapon_egon – Egon
give weapon_9mmar – 9mm ar
give weapon_tripmine – Tripmine
give weapon_9mmhandgun – 9mm handgun
give weapon_handgrenade – Hand Grenade
give weapon_quantumdestabilizer – Quantum Destabilizer

The Give Ammunition CheatComplete Cheat List

give ammo_9mmclip – 9mm Clip
give ammo_9mmar – 9mm ar
give ammo_egonclip – Egon
give ammo_buckshot – Buckshot
give ammo_mp5clip – MP5 Clip
give ammo_gaussclip – Gauss Clip
give ammo_9mmbox – 9mm box
give ammo_rpgclip – RPG Clip
give ammo_glockclip – Glock Clip
give ammo_357 – 357
give ammo_mp5grenades – MP5 Grenades
give ammo_crossbow – Crossbow
give ammo_argrenades – ar grenades

The Black Mesa Console Commands For ChangingLevels or Maps

The following console commands are available to gamers in the black MesaInstantly go to any level they choose.

  • bm_c0a0a
  • bm_c0a0c
  • bm_c0a0b
  • bm_c1a3b
  • bm_c1a3a
  • bm_c1a3c

The Black Pit

  • bm_c1a4d
  • bm_c1a4a
  • bm_c1a4e
  • bm_c1a4c
  • bm_c1a4b

ForUnexpected Consequences

  • bm_c1a1c
  • bm_c1a1a
  • bm_c1a1e
  • bm_c1a1b
  • bm_c1a1d

ForAccessing the Office ComplexThe game map

  • bm_c1a2a
  • bm_c1a2c
  • bm_c1a2b

ConsoleCommand for Anomalous Materials

Console CommandFor Power Up

ConsoleCommand for Lambda Core

  • bm_c3a2c
  • bm_c3a2d
  • bm_c3a2h
  • bm_c3a2e
  • bm_c3a2b
  • bm_c3a2g
  • bm_c3a2f
  • bm_c3a2a

OnA Rail

  • bm_c2a2b
  • bm_c2a2a
  • bm_c2a2c


Residue Processing

  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a4a
  • bm_c2a4c
  • bm_c2a4d

Questionable Ethics

  • bm_c2a4f
  • bm_c2a4g
  • bm_c2a4e
  • bm_c2a4h

Surface Tension console command

  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a5e
  • bm_c2a5f
  • bm_c2a5a
  • bm_c2a5c
  • bm_c2a5d
  • bm_c2a5g

Forget About Freeman console command

Xen MapOr Level IdsThe Black Mesa Game

TheseThese console codes can be used to access certain maps in the. Black Mesa game.


  • Gonarch Map Arrival: bm_c4a2a
  • ForThe following map shows the in-the-map Gonarch andJumping down after blowing a hole with the detonator:
  • AreaThe Gonarch map for  destroying a wall with a green goo attack : bm_c4a2c

Xen MapOn Black Mesa

  • ConsoleCommand for Arrival: bm_c4a1a
  • ConsoleCommand for Grotto before laboratory: bm_c4a1a1
  • CodeFor accessing the LaboratorySection before explosive plant: bm_c4a1b
  • ForAccessing the area just before the big trees area, where 3 rooms need to be solved to open the path.
  • ConsoleCommand is used to open an alleyway before jumping down a large hole. and: bm_c4a1c
  • ConsoleCommand that is used for accessing the houndeye bridge:

Interloper MapOn Black Mesa

  • Consolecode for arrival at the Interloper map: bm_c4a3a
  • Codeso that you are able to encounter the grates which need to be molten with green acid: bm_c4a3b
  • CodeTo access a cave containing green acid riddles: bm_c4a3b1
  • AfterThe factory entrance is where the game character arrives. Alien Grunts spawn: bm_c4a3b2
  • Consolecommand to start the assembly-line riddle
  • Console command for accessing  end of the elevator sequence just before teleporter to Nihilanth: bm_c4a3d1

TheseThese are all the codes that you can use in the in-Game console Black Mesa.

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