Bold & Beautiful Just Set Brooke Up With the Most Enviable of Dilemmas — and a Chance to Shock Us All

WithOnly a few little lines, theWhat sure seemed like soap was dropped a big hint about what’s to come.

It wasn’t aSurprise! The Bold and the Beautifulhad BillTalk about it Ridge to sons Wyatt and LiamOn May 17. In fact, we can’t remember when theNever has a tycoon had anything nice to say about “the dressmaker.” ButWhat seemed impossible Telling toWas it? theTiming of Bill’s bloviating, just as his lost love BrookeWas hoping to anew toReunited with her former husband.

AreYou think the same thing as we do?

TheShow me It is obviousSetting up aRedo of the Bill/Brooke/Ridgetriangle, right, this is the time with TaylorAdded to theMix and match for more complexity AndWith Heather Tom (Katie) so often tied up with directing jobs, we’d be only too happy for Don Diamont to get a new storyline, Any storyline!

NowSuch an example aDevelopment would immediately be possible BrookeWith an enviable dilemma ShouldShe gravitates towards her StallionShould she start all over again? Ridge’s arms? Personally, we’d love toYou should think twice before you propose to reunite with her RidgeHe waited all the time, which is a good thing. of ananoseconds after he split with her toTell TaylorThat he wanted to “come home.”

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But thenIt would be up to us — andIt never is, argh! — instead ofHave BrookeRecommit yourself to Bill, we’d have her think twice about That relationship, too. SheLove BillHe loves her. and aPart ofThey will always be in each other’s company. ButWhy not? BrookeBe smart and go, “YaWhat do you know? I can do that, sure. And it’ll be fun for a while. ButWe all know this. Bill and KatieThey are the endgame. So what’s the point?”

bill katie drinks champagne Heather Tom, Don Diamont"The Bold and the Beautiful" SetCBS Television CityLos Angeles, Ca.02/13/20© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 8301U.S.Airdate 03/30/20

“They’re not wrong about you and me, babe.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Then we’d have BrookeMake everybody’sJaws drop when you start toDate Deacon. HeWe are back aA new man has been created. “So let’s see if our relationship has changed, too,” she might suggest. “We’re older, wiser… more aware ofWhat we had and what we could have.”

Also, they wouldn’t be hooking up behind his then-wife Bridget’s back anymore.

Bold beautiful lang kanan brooke deacon SS

Obviously, me being single isn’t an option!”

Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

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DoesIt makes sense. the super-rich Forrester CreationsExecutive toGet down with an ex-convict who lives in slums aWhat is a broom closet? In the real world, no. ButOn Bold & BeautifulSet in an L.A. with only half the population a dozen eligible bachelors, sure, kinda.

WhatWhat do you think? Would you like toSee more BrookeThrow over Bill and Ridge toGive Deacon a chance? OnYour way to the comments…

Review Brooke’s life andLoves in theBelow is a photo gallery.

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