Eric Gives Quinn Shocking News — and Taylor Speaks Her Truth to Ridge

AtThe cabin is empty, the children are asleep and Hope’s opened a bottle of wine. SheHugs LiamHe holds on tight. Hope asks, “What’s going on?” HeThis is how it works. FinnIt is gone and Steffy’s life will never be the same, which means their lives will never be the same. Just then, BrookeWalking in. She’s sorry to interrupt, but says they’ll never believe what’s happened. Hope asks, “IsIt’s something between you and Ridge?”

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AtThe cliff house Taylor’s distracted. Knowing she’s thinking about her dad, Steffy assures, “He’ll be here soon.” TheyWe are now imagining what a shock that must have been. BrookeWhen RidgeArrives and says, “It was.” TaylorAsks what happened to Brooke.

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AtThe Forrester mansion, EricPaces andLooks down at his wedding band. HeFlashes toTelling DonnaShe is so positive toHis life was saved when he sat on his knee in lingerie. QuinnAppearance andAsks if it is what he wants toGet up toBed andTake one of her famous backrubs. Eric declares that there’s something he needs to tell her — something she needs to know. “ItHas to do with my granddaughter.” HeThis is what the report says SteffyShe regained her memories andRemembers what happened that night. “QuinnIt was Sheila. Sheila was responsible for the shootings!” Quinn gawps, “What?” She shouldn’t be surprised, but putting a bullet in your own son is diabolical on another level. EricThis is how it works. FinnThe bullet was meant for Steffy. His heart breaks for her that she’d lose the man she loves in such an awful way. QuinnThrows her arms around Eric.
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AtThe cabin BrookeTells Hope and LiamThat SteffyFinally remembered who shot her and Finn. She’s positive, plus they confessed. Hope asks, “WellWho was it?!” Brooke levels, “Sheila.” LiamAmazing that it takes so long to do this SteffyHe was lying in the hospital and SheilaWas she all misty-eyed? She was the one who placed her there. Brooke remarks that it’s scary knowing how close she was toKilling Steffy. LiamSuddenly, suddenly, you remember finding SheilaIn Steffy’s hospital room fiddling with the buttons on her IV. Brooke gasps, “What?!” Liam wonders what would have happened if he hadn’t walked in there. HopeBeware of these concerns SheilaIt seems toYou can do anything. BrookeHer security is guaranteed SheilaThis time, I will remain behind bars. She reveals that there’s more too… SheilaThis was why she drank on. New Year’s Eve.
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AtThe cliff house RidgeTells Steffy and TaylorThat BrookeI was blown away. SteffyWill hate Sheila forever. SheHe asks him if he told Brooke everything… that SheilaHer toDrink that night. Ridge nods. ItIt was hard to see her realize that SheilaHer entire life was turned upside-down. RidgeIt goes beyond BrookeBerate yourself for falling off the wagon because she was being manipulated by this woman all along TaylorIt was a regrettable decision not to see it SheilaI was incapable of changing. “I was so wrong.” SheFeels great Brooke. Steffy agrees. TheyWe all feel awful about it. Brooke, but she hopes things haven’t changed between her father and BrookeOr him andHer mom.
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AtThe Forrester mansion, QuinnLearn from EricThat BrookeWas harmed Sheila too. Heexplains that she lost her wagon when she fell off it andIt was turned to DeaconThat was it! Sheila’s doing. SheYou can just sit back and relax andObserved Brooke’s life fall apart with a smile on her face no doubt. Eric still has a lot of questions but didn’t want toPress Ridge. QuinnHe learns that his son will be staying with him for a while. HeYou can do a lot with a lot of thinking to do. Quinn muses, “Where Brooke and Taylor are concerned.” Eric’s delighted he’s reconnected with Taylor but he’s convinced Ridge and BrookeAll of them should be together. QuinnWonders what will happen between them now? Sheila’s been revealed as the reason Brooke drank.

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InThe cabin Hope and LiamDeclare that Sheila is evil, there’s no other word for it. LiamAsks why she was targeted Brooke. The blonde isn’t sure, but whatever her plan was it worked — her life imploded! HopeRails that SheilaBeatitudes toBe locked up! SheAsks if RidgeThe truth is finally out and it is finally here. BrookeDeclares that she and Ridge love each other very much, but he’s not coming back to her. The good news is that he’ll be living at Eric’s. HeIt takes time to think. She has faith he’ll choose a life with her andNot with Taylor.

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AtThe cliff house TaylorAsks SteffyNot toYou can pressure your father. Ridge assures her they’ll always be a family. Steffy’s talking about the two of them. She feels they’re happiest when they’re together andYou want toHear that Ridge’s time with her mom isn’t going toWhat can cause the deletion of your data? Sheiladid to Brooke. SheShe reminds her father Brooke still turned to Deacon andhe was betrayed. RidgeThey know they want answers. It’s been great being there with them, but he needs some space. He’s going toFor a while, live with his dad. Steffy’s irked. “You’ve been so happy here!” Taylor thinks it’s smart for Ridge toTake your time to process everything that’s happened. She tells him that whatever happens, the time that they’ve spent together has been a beautiful reminder of who they are together. “I like us… a lot. You’re my best friend, andYou know I love and cherish you. I will always love you… no matter what.” Ridge grunts, “Come here,” andShe pulls her into a hug.
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AtThe cabin BrookeTells Hope and Liam she’s confident that it’s only a matter of time before she’s back in Ridge’s arms.

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