Bold & Beautiful’s Jennifer Gareis Asked — and Fans Answered: ‘What Do You Think Is Next for Donna and Eric?’

Love inThe afternoon wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of honey.

The Bold and the BeautifulLast week, viewers were shocked to learn that Donna andHer honeybear and she had reconnected in the form a hot affair andNow Jennifer Gareis wants to know, “WhatWhat do you think is next? for Donna and Eric?” TheCBS soap vet reached to her followers Instagram and “would love to know your ideas.”

Fans didn’t waste any time sharing their thoughts on the matter. Henschke Rose even suggested, “DonnaShe must pack her bags andGo to the Forrester Estate! HerPortrait is going to be [hot]!” Lillie Canady was just happy to see “these two together” andIt was said that Eric and Donna are “worth watching again,” while others were just excited that GareisIt was back on their screens andA storyline.

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However, Nick Glen GrangerIt was my thought Donnashould find another partner for love and “let EricBe happy with Quinn.” And Marta made a good point, considering how the “you know what” is going to hit the fan when Eric’s wife learns that he’s been getting his honey from another hive, and asked, “DoYou believe there is hope for the future for Donna after Quinn finds out?”

ThenThere was Rebecca Weigel, who made it clear she doesn’t care so much about Donna and Eric but just wants “Quinn and Carter reunited.” AndShe might just get her wish if their affair is revealed!

SoWhat thoughts do you have? AreYou Team QuericOr Team Honeybear? BeLet us know what you think in the comments section.

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