Bold & Beautiful’s John McCook Promises ‘Big Resolutions Coming Up’ in the Carter/Quinn/Eric/Donna Quadrangle

“It’s good for everybody,” says the Emmy nominee.

When Bold & BeautifulLeading man John McCookRecently, he sat down to send his fans a video message. His primary goal was express his happiness. theHow things were going the show. But the daytime MVP also let slip some revealing intel about what’s to come for not only EricBut the wife Quinn Donna Carter, theOld flames that keep burning brightly.

“I want to say how happy I am at work these days,” begins McCook. “Great storyline… big stuff. This Eric Quinn love story has been going on for a long time.”

However, theSounds like it. That story is about closing one chapter and starting another. There are “big resolutions coming up,” McCook says. “It’s good for everybody, it’s good for the show and really fun to be here working so much and so hard.”

The EmmyNominated has had a particularly good time since the announcement of his nomination. As he notes, “it’s hard to be humble around here because we all love each other so much.” SoWhen a member does something positive theEveryone cheers them on, and everyone is in their company.

“My humility is winning out,” he adds.

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BeforeSign off McCookReflects on his legacy as an innovator Bold & Beautiful Cast member. “I’m so grateful to be here for 35 in theSimilar [dressing] room, grateful to have this job, grateful to be my age and still be working at a job that I love.”

Thereis also a special lady McCookGives a sweet shout-out. Watch the video above to findOut who she is — and watch his face light up when he talks about her — then…

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