Ridge Makes a Decision About His Immediate Future After Talk of ‘Breaking the Cycle’

InHer living room BrookeTells Ridgeshe Know she wouldn’t sabotage her sobriety or her life with him. RidgeThese states SheilaShe saw an opening, and she accepted it. BrookeThis is what it means. “Are you finally coming home to me?” SheYou can see that he hates everything SheilaDid to her. Ridge confirms he hates it and wishes he’d made it home that night to protect her. BrookeHe helped her get recaps theShe needed help. RidgeWill always be there for her. Brooke will always need him… and what she needs right now is for him to tell her he’s coming home.

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At theCliff house TaylorBrings SteffySome healing tea. She’s so proud ofHer and what she did today. Steffy couldn’t have done it without her and declares, “Sheila didn’t win.” SheAsks her mother how she is doing. theNews ofWhat SheilaDid to Brooke. TaylorShe wonders how it might play out for her. Ridge. Steffy didn’t mean to make her feel doubt. She can’t believe he’d throw away what he’s been sharing with her. TaylorHe was fine with him being with Brooke when she came back, but then they got this chance… Steffy warns she can’t let everything they’ve shared be erased because of Sheila.
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At the cabin, Liam gets aText and tells Bill WyattThat HopeShe is on her way home. WyattWonders if they want to be cleared out? Bill notes he and his wife don’t always see eye-to-eye. He then picks up his previous talking point — Brooke isn’t going to find happiness with Ridge. Liam thinks it’s noble that his father is looking out for her, but BrookeHe is madly in love. BillHe reminds him of this He BrookeWe were once madly in love. HopeArrives WyattBrings her up-to-speed on their conversation.

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Hope admits she isn’t thrilled that RidgeShe holds onto what happened to her mother. TheyYou can read about her not knowing why she picked it up theBottle that night. LiamIt is possible that it will remain a mystery. Bill questions if DeaconPush the drinking. HopeThis explains why their interaction was mostly innocent. HeWünsche RidgeI would accept it and move on with her. “WhetherIt’s your decision whether you like it. Ridge and my mom are… destiny.” Bill declares he’s going to puke and wonders how that destiny crap works when RidgeStaying under theSame roof with TaylorHe also has a relationship with him. a history. HopeBe wary
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At theCliff house Taylor appreciates Steffy’s confidence. SteffyShe apologizes for any seeds she may have planted of doubt. TheyYou agree that he needed a tell Brooke theTruth about why she drank. New Year’s. Steffy feels it doesn’t change theFact that she turned to Deacon. TaylorHe has shown him the true meaning of love. “Let’s hope he doesn’t forget that.”

At Brooke’s place, BrookeIt feels like aIt has been possible to shed a lot of weight of her. SheWilling to move on from the whole night and forget about it all. “YouYou are my husband, and I love you more that anything. I really believe we can make up for lost time by moving on together.” RidgeThat night was the most difficult. Sheila made her drink… but she ended up with Deacon. “What do I do with that?”
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At the cabin, BillThey complain to the assembled that Ridge ran to TaylorHe whiplashed so fast DidHe didn’t even consider how awful that was. Brooke? Hope appreciates his stance — it’s clear he still cares aShe is a remarkable mother. Wyatt feels it’s pointless to debate when Brooke isn’t there to give her input. BillAsks Hopeto think about what she said, and to try to get across to her mother. HopeKeep your optimism. Ridge. — it’s who she wants. Bill Wyatt leave.

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At theCliff house TaylorThis video explains how complex things can be Ridge. Steffy doesn’t believe he’ll have lasting peace with Brooke… not theHe will be with her in a way that is mutually beneficial.

At Brooke’s place, RidgeYou want to break the cycle. BrookeProtests that they have to work together on this! Ridge asks if she doesn’t think there’s aThere will come a time in your relationship when you must stop hurting each other. BrookeThey need to change, argues the author. the pattern. Ridge bellows that he’s been staying at Steffy’s and Taylor has been nothing but kind to him — no expectations. “SheAll I want is to be happy! She’s an amazing woman.” HeHe has two wonderful women in his family. BrookeHe is asking one to hurt him of them. “Which one?”

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At the cabin, HopeTells LiamShe was very grateful BillShe tried to stand up and support her mom. “But do you think he’s right?” Liam doesn’t think he’s entirely wrong. Ridge isn’t being fair to BrookeHe feels betrayed, hurt and confused. “I don’t love that Ridgeran to TaylorRight away That feels hypocritical.” Hope just can’t give up on Ridgeher mother, but not yet.

At theCliff house SteffyHer mother tells her that she believes RidgeHe wants to be with his family again. ThisIt is where he feels loved and supported. “YouThat is why you should have faith in it. Dad will be back.”

InHer living room BrookeShe insists that she would not have kissed Deacon if she hadn’t been drinking. RidgeHe loves her, but he needs time. BrookeThat is what we understand. Ridge won’t stay at Steffy’s anymore because that’s not right either. He’ll move in with his dad and spend some time with the family. BrookeRelieved laughter. That’s thewhere they first met. RidgeBecause he loves her so very much, he does this. “Does that make sense?” Brooke knows they’re soulmates and will get through this to have aA bright, beautiful life together. “YouYou are my destiny. You are.” WithThey kissed.

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