Bold & Beautiful Has Written Sheila Into Her Last Corner

SomeSpots are too tight to be free from.

The BoldThe BeautifulYou can have SheilaShe can issue all the threats she wants but, as far as we know, this is the end for the villainess. HerBoth her and her husband have been subject to the terror reign(s). The YoungThe RestlessAnd back and to and from the grave and back. But this time, there’s just no way out.

Heck, there’s not even any way left for viewers to sympathize with her. Sheila wanted something (a place in her son and grandson’s lives), didn’t get it and, in response, upended the lives of everyone who balked at the notion of reserving the madwoman a spot in their family photos. BustedShe intended to murder her daughter in law Steffy in cold blood — and, after accidentally shooting FinnInstead, I tried to do the opposite.

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sheila mashup

“People can change,” Sheila insisted. Mm-hmm.

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TheHypocrisy in the treatment of characters like BrookeAnd Ridge may drive you up the wall from time to time, but there’s a big difference between being catty and judgmental and being a homicidal maniac. NoOne can imagine. Hayes in his grandma’s arms without having nightmares about it. NoThe thought of it is unbearable Sheila being alone in a room with “pal” Taylor.

YesThe psycho saved Taylor’s life — all the while plotting to finish what she’d started and put Steffy six feet under. AndThen, go and blame her victim. Finn’s death! C’mon, that’s a special kinda sicko right there.

WhatWhat do you think? Is SheilaIs there any hope for redemption beyond this point? On your way to the comments, check out the many suspects in a potential “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery here. Then…

Review Sheila’s life and crimes in the below photo gallery.

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