Sheila’s Showdown With Steffy’s Family Escalates as She Confesses to Making Brooke Drink and Implicates Thomas

AtThe cliff house Ridge and TaylorAre outraged at this SheilaIs trying toBlame SteffyFor Finn’s death. “You just admitted it!” SheilaHe would never be hurt in the first place. She may have pulled the trigger that fateful night, but he’d still be alive if it weren’t for Steffy’s actions. Sheshould get off her high horse.

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At Brooke’s place, she and HopeAre highly amused by DeaconIt is a belief SheilaAcceptance may be granted Taylor’s family. DeaconHe believes today could be the beginning for a new chapter Sheila. Hope feels like there’s more to the story; like he’s holding something back. Deacon can understand why they’re skeptical, but explains that Taylor and SheilaThey formed a bond. Brooke laughs, “That’s ridiculous.” DeaconThey insist they shared a life-altering event. Hope titters, “Like what?” Deacon stuns them by replying, “Like SheilaSaved Taylor’s life.” Hope and Brooke gawp.
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AtThe cliff house TaylorRails Sheila for blaming SteffyFor the chaos she created. SheilaShe reminds her that she saved her life andShe was very grateful to her. Taylor rages that the whole time she knew — she knew her daughter was lying in a coma because she shot her! “You haven’t changed. You’re still the same heartless bitch you always were!”
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At Brooke’s place, Deaconhas been filled in Brooke and HopeTaken off the screen HopeThe events on the roof are amazing. BrookeIt must have been frightening. Taylor — dangling off the side of a roof with her life in Sheila’s hands. It’s far more likely she’d take a life than save one.

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AtThe cliff house RidgeRides SheilaAbout shooting her son cold bloody. She didn’t mean to. He can’t believe she’s trying toJustify her actions by stating that she intended toShoot someone else. SteffyShe is called a psycho. SheilaOne complains about Finn just showed up in the alley… she didn’t have time to think. RidgeShe claims that she had enough time toIt could be compared to a robbery. Sheila complains they’re trying toMake it sound like she planned it. “I didn’t. I just reacted.” RidgeHe rails against her leaving his daughter to die. TaylorJumps in about her appearing at the hospital with fake grief. SheilaProtests; she felt horrible. Taylor roars that she felt terrible because she’d just murdered her own son! AsShe lays into Sheila about playing the bereaved mother who only wanted a place in her grandson’s life, all the while knowing she was responsible for his father dying and his mother being at death’s door. “My God SheilaHow can you even look at yourself??” Ridge chimes in, “Your sick.” SheilaChange gears toYou are looking Brooke to lose Ridge to Taylor. SteffyWhat are you asking? BrookeHas toDo this. SheilaTells TaylorShe was trying to to right a wrong — she has no idea how far above and beyond she’s already gone for her. Steffy sneers, “No one knows what you’re talking about.” Sheila replies, “You do. Go ahead. TellThey are about New Year’s Eve.” Ridge demands she explains what she’s getting at.

At Brooke’s place, she and HopeWant toFind out more Deacon’s relationship with Sheila. Deacon teases that maybe she’s jealous. DeaconThat is explained by SheilaShe lost her son in a horrible way. ForOnce in a while, they have something in common. WhatA better tribute to FinnMore than toAccept her into his family. Brooke, asMothers feel bad for their children. Sheila. DeaconEncourage her toReach out, but Brooke says she can’t — RidgeThey wouldn’t allow her to enter their lives!

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AtThe cliff house SheilaTells SteffyShe had no other choice but to accept her fate toSend her a message. Ridge and Taylor fume. SheilaHolds her head andTells TaylorShe was trying to to help her. That’s what New Year’s EveIt was about. She loves her… she loves them all. SheilaWanted toI was a part of it, but kept getting doors slammed in my face. andThe thing that hurt the most was Steffy calling her dangerous anddemented and saying she’d never have a place in her son’s life. “WhatWas I thinking? to do?” SheJust needed compassion andUnderstanding but Steffy wouldn’t give an inch. “YouChoose to defend BrookeOver me. The woman that wrecked your family.” Taylor asks, “Why do you keep bringing up Brooke?” SheilaPlease do not hesitate to contact us Steffy toTell her mother what they were discussing in the alley that night. Steffy’s memory kicked in. She gasps, “YouA saboteur of an alcoholic. YouSet up Brooke toGet on New Year’s Eve.” Sheila’s eyes meet Ridge’s.
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At Brooke’s place, DeaconWe agree with the ForrestersYou have every reason to despise Sheila. BrookeRepeat that Ridge won’t let her worm her way into the family by using Hayes. DeaconIt is jealous Brooke keeps defending Ridge even though he’s staying with Taylor. Brooke states that he’s staying at Steffy’s because she betrayed him. “With you.” After all this time, she still doesn’t know what made her drink.

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AtThe cliff house SheilaShe admits that she changed the labels on the champagne bottles andSet up Brooke to drink. “I did it for your family,” she tells Steffy, who declares she is toYou are truly delusional. SheilaSneer at BrookeJudging her as though she’s never done anything wrong. Ridge says, “YouI made my wife drink. Everything that’s happened since then is because of you.” SheilaHer todrink, but everything that happened with DeaconAll Brooke. SheShe explains that she was still trying to get it right. to help — if they don’t believe her they can ask Thomas. HeShe saw that he was bringing his parents together again. Steffy states, “She’s right. I heard it. ThomasYou can use the phone to Sheila. HeShe knew what she did to Brooke.” RidgeWe will deal with Thomas later. HeAsks Sheila what kind of a person she is, playing with peoples’ lives? HeWeeps asHe recalls. BrookeShe was a terrible person. “She’s not. It’s you. You don’t deserve to live.” He’s going toGet her locked up and promises that every chance he gets, he’ll make her suffer. Steffy details Sheila’s transgressions and intones, “There’s a special place in hell for you, and that’s exactly where you’re going… after you spend the rest of your miserable life behind bars… YourThe reign of terror is over It ends today.”

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