The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers May 16 – 20

Ding-dong, the witch is… Well, not dead. ButIn’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the BeautifulFrom Monday, May 16Through Friday, May 20, Sheilaends up in custody of the police InOther developments BrookeFinally, we learn theAnswer to the $1M question (“WhyDid I drink on New Year’s Eve?”), RidgeHe makes a decision between his wives (for the moment). BillOffers an unreserved opinion and Thomas reveals a truth that’s sure to have consequences. And if you read on, we’ll unpack andLay out everything theDetails on these and more teasers…

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Friday, May 13:

In Friday’s recap, Sheila’s showdown with Steffy, (*20*) and RidgeAfter she admits to making mistakes, her temper escalates Brooke drink, and Deacon stuns Hope and BrookeWith a reveal
Brooke stunned B&B

Deacon may be fighting a losing battle against “destiny.” ButHe insists on his theory of a double standard. RidgeTo Brooke and Hope.

DuringA heated fight with Sheila, SteffyAnother shocking memory comes to mind. We’re guessing she’ll expose theMadwoman pushing BrookeOff theProverbial wagon on New Year’s Eve. OrWill she? After all, theHer father could be rehabilitated by her revelation the blonde and out of her mother’s life!

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers for Week of May 16:

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Monday, May 16:

AfterHearing Deacon’s take on Ridge, HopeComforts Brookeas she desperately searches answers to nagging questions. We’re guessing one of her greatest hits, “WhyDid I drink on New Year’s Eve?” will feature heavily in the playlist.

Sheila is at her most dangerous when she’s cornered and under attack, and that’s exactly where she happens to be right now. As theShe-devil won’t go quietly, fight to theOnly hope can save us from the very end. Steffy andHer loved ones are unharmed theMadwoman refuses quiet escape, fighting to theEnd to end WhoAre we kidding? We know they’ll be scathed… Perhaps it’s best just to hope they come out of theConfrontation Living!

ThoughIt looks like Sheila’s last stand, here’s what Kimberlin BrownRecently, she spoke about her status with the soap.

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Tuesday, May 17:

Hmm… this is shaping up to be a theme: WorriedAbout theFuture of her relationship Ridge, (*20*) seeks counsel from Steffy. WillWill her daughter continue to encourage her mother to fight for a man who is devoted to two women? Or will she suggest that her mom get on with her life? theDrama and find herself a “Finn” of her own?

InWhat could be the turning point? Ridge’s latest round of waffling between his current andEx-wife, he stands Brooke’s side as she learns theThis is the shocking truth Sheila’s crimes. AtShe will finally get her answer. the gnawing — and absolutely maddening — question of why she drank on New Year’s Eve. Sweet relief!

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Wednesday, May 18:

WellThis will be a great conversation starter. RidgeIt is what he hears about: Dollar Bill questions the dressmaker’s love for BrookeTo Wyatt, Liam and Hope. Are we headed for another round of “Bridge” vs. “Brill”?

Alert theBookies andPlace your bets! TheMoment of truth arrives at RidgeMakes a decision about his immediate financial future Brooke and (*20*). Notice the teaser says “immediate,” as in “subject to change,” so you’ll also need to lay a separate wager on theEnd result the long game.

Katherine Kelly Lang shares an update on her condition — andreveals who raced to her aid.

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Thursday, May 19:

StillYou are not aware theFact is that EricHas been playing around with Donna andIt’s not on the pickleball court at theclub, he claims QuinnUnites with her husband to help the ForresterFamilies in times of crisis

When RidgeHe divulges his plans SteffyIt’s emotional and (*20*) speaks her truth. We can’t even imagine how biting that candor might be if he reveals he’s choosing Brooke! If only (*20*) had listened when we tried to warn her that Ridge just isn’t that into her. (WeEven included photos Pete’s sake!)

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Friday, May 20:

UnableTo suppress his guilt ThomasIt comes to RidgeHis involvement in Sheila. His father is bound to be upset that his son didn’t speak up immediately and engaged in yet another manipulation… but his good intentions and guilt might win the younger designer some brownie points. BrookeOn theHowever, she is almost certain to be unforgiving of her stepson.

It’s on like Donkey Kong! Get ready for a little — okay, a lotta — jailhouse rock when Deputy Chief BakerGrants BrookeFace-to face time with an inmate Sheila.

(*16*) a Who’s WhoOf the soap stars daytime most needs back in theBelow is a photo gallery of many-missed actors Bold & Beautiful  andAll the shows.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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