The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers May 23 – 27

WeA new round of partner swaps is underway the making. In’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from (*23*), May 23Through Friday, May 27, Liam’s spending an awful lot of time with a woman who isn’t his wife (at least not his current one), RidgeMakes a decision to marry one lady he doesn’t like, and according to (*27*), there just may be a new threat to Quinn’s tenuous marriage. What — or should we say Who — is it? Read on, andAll will be revealed.

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Friday, May 20:

UnableTo suppress his guilt ThomasBreaks down to RidgeAbout his involvement with Sheila. His father is bound to be upset that his son didn’t speak up immediately and engaged in yet another manipulation… but his good intentions and guilt might win the younger designer some brownie points. BrookeOn theOn the other hand, it is almost certain that she will be utterly unforgiving towards her stepson.

It’s on like Donkey Kong! Get ready for a little — okay, a lotta — jailhouse rock when Deputy Chief BakerGrants BrookeFace-to-face with an imprisoned Sheila.

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers for Week of May 23:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for (*23*), May 23:

LiA strong dislike of SheilaShe had previously barred her de facto from seeing. Finn’s body one last time, so we can only Imagine what her reaction will be when she discovers that her son’s biological mother was responsible for his death. WeYou might be afraid of Sheila’s well-being if she weren’t behind bars!

ComingIt’s not surprising to anyone. LiamProvides SteffyWith theLove andShe needs your support. Will HopeWill she be able cope or will she have had enough uncertainty in her marriage?

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Tuesday, May 24:

Well, This won’t end well. Ridge and TaylorMake a pact to stay Thomas’ involvement with SheilaA secret. ButWe all know soaps can’t be hidden. WhenThis information is available and theThe cover-up is exposed, will BrookeIt is a betrayal. If so, what will become of her “destiny” with theWhat was the dressmaker’s job?!

AsRarer than an eclipse andJust as likely is it to go dark: Brooke and TaylorShare a cathartic moment andPut aside your differences.

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Wednesday, May 25:

In theLatest chapter of the Meddling Mom Chronicles, BrookeBe worried HopeAbout theTime that LiamSpending with Steffy. If her daughter wasn’t worked up about it before, she certainly will be after some of her mother’s trademark gloom and doom!

SteffyLooks to LiTo provide the closure you need Finn. ItIt took us so long to get to this point that we actually thought FinnIt’s possible that you are still alive!

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Thursday, May 26:

At least it’s not Donna and Quinn… Yet. HowWill Ericfare when he tries to diffuse a quarrel between Taylor and BrookeOver Ridge? IfHe begins to repeat his usual line about Brooke and RidgeBeing together is a great thing. Doc isn’t going to take kindly to it, we’re sure!

Let’s get ready to ruuumble!! ParisPushes back when busybody GraceShe must make the choice Zende over (*27*). We can’t imagine what the elder Buckingham is thinking, but we’re keen to see what her daughter will have to say as she stands up for her right to choose her own man, thank you very much.

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Friday, May 27:

Well, this isn’t foreshadow-y at All: (*27*) worries to QuinnThat Parismay interfere with her marriage Eric. LittleDo they know? theMarriage may be already on unstable ground. the ForresterExtracurricular activities for patriarch theHe is the sticky variety with his ex wife.

We’re not sure if we’re all cried out about Finn yet… but we’re about to find out when Ridge and ThomasComfort is an emotional SteffyShe was worried about her future with her husband.

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— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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