The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers May 9 – 13

Here… we… go! In’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the BeautifulFrom Monday, May 9Through Friday, May 13, Steffy’s memory returns, which is going to be theThe worst possible scenario for her would-be murderer Sheila. AndWhile Finn’s homicidal mommy is painted into an increasingly tight corner, QuinnInvolve herself in Paris’ pursuit of Carter even as EricHe continues to marry his current wife, ex Donna. WhereIs it all leading? Read on, and we’ll divulge everything we know (andThese teasers may be suspect and more!

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Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Friday, May 6:

steffy faces sheila and taylor bb

In today’s recap, Steffy’s latest confrontation with SheilaSparks of memories are triggered by theAlley outside of Il Giardino — andThis is [spoiler!] — plus, ZendeReacts to Paris’ confession…

We’re not gonna lie, it’s refreshing to hear that someone doesn’t think that ParisPerfect is not possible, but it can be done when QuinnIt is clear that CarterHe can do more than Zoe’s younger sister, we have to wonder if she isn’t just a Wee bit jealous.

Well, ThisThis sounds very alarming: SteffyWhen you sense something is wrong, it’s obvious SheilaArrives unannounced to pay a visit. Is theMadwoman is actually there to see Hayes… or is she hoping for another shot at making theBaby an orphan!?

(*13*) preview: SteffyLowers theBoom on Sheila… but is this theEnd of the madwoman’s murderous rampage? “The bombs that are about to drop are going to blow you away.”

AsWe celebrate Mother’s Day weekend, meet the stars’ real-life moms in our newly expanded family album!

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers for the week of May 9:

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Monday, May 9:

Bold Steffy remembers with ridge taylor

In today’s recaps, ParisIs willing to play second banana EricPlays another round of pickleball andHaving fully recollected everything Steffy’s reaction proves she ain’t playing around with Sheila!

CarterYou should be grateful QuinnHe rescues him from an awkward moment Paris. But c’mon, let’s be real: HisEx-lover should also be seeing the green, right?! ConsideringHow hot and heavy “Quarter” was — refresh your memory with our photo gallery — we’re going to say that that’s a rhetorical question.

InSurprise and disbelief, Steffy’s memory comes flooding back. And while that’s going to be a nightmare for her, it’s sure to be even more terrifying for her murderous monster-in-law! The jig is up in three, two…

Don DiamontShares Mother’s Day message from his household that’s guaranteed to give you ‘paws’: “I don’t want to make it about me, but… ”

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Tuesday, May 10:

taylor looks at sheila bb

In today’s Bold & Beautiful recap, Steffy andHer parents set a trap SheilaWhile Quinncalls which could expose what Eric’s really been up to.

ThoughToday, an unfaithful spouse feels guilty for cheating on their spouse. Eric and QuinnCould just call themselves even on theInfidelity Front andKeep going.

When SteffyRealizes that FinnWe have a feeling that she died so she could live. theEnd is near Sheila. Here’s what Kimberlin BrownWhat she had to say about her engagement as a bride again the madwoman.

Katherine Kelly LangFollowing an accident, undergoes surgery Mother’s Day weekend: “The ambulance took me to the hospital.”

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Wednesday, May 11:

In Wednesday’s recap, Donna and EricTake a close shave Quinn and CarterShare a secret and Sheila’s dream come true turns nightmarish as SteffyShe accuses her murder!
Sheila murderous scowl B&B

Is QuinnBeing wise to what Eric’s really up to when he says he’s playing pickleball? CouldWhen she presents her husband with a special gift that serves a purpose, it is a great moment.

As Taylor, Ridge and SteffyTheir duplicitous plan will be exposed SheilaWe hope they will put their bulletproof vests on and go into action. IfIf history is any guide, thePsycho is going to try to get as many of them down as she can. (ReviewHere is her bizarre history.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood shares a series of heartwarming photos of her boys that’s sure to have everyone “buzzing.”

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Thursday, May 12:

While Taylor’s side of Ridge’s family sets in motion their plot against Sheila, DeaconThis is mind-blowing news the she-devil to Brooke and Hope. Cue Brooke saying, “I You already knew I sensed an outside force at work!”

As SteffyThis is a shocking accusation. Sheila’s façade quickly cracks — andWe all know this. theThere is a lot of homicidal madness beneath it!

Jennifer Gareis asked — and fans answered: “WhatWhat do you think will be next? Donna and Eric?”

Howdid Bold & Beautiful Score an EmmyNod for Outstanding Drama… yet not get one for Outstanding Writing? We have a theory… 

Bold & BeautifulSpoilers Friday, May 13:

Deacon may be fighting a losing battle against “destiny.” ButHe still believes his theory about RidgeTo Brooke and Hope.

DuringA heated fight with Sheila, SteffyAnother shocking memory is recalled. CouldThis is thestraw that breaks the camel’s back andThis leads to the “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery we’ve been anticipating for months? (Review theHere is a list of suspected suspects.

When Calls the Heart preview: A belated birthday gift could lead to a life-alter decision for (*9*) — plus, a storm is brewing in Hope Valley.

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