Bubbles Raises $8.5M in Seed Funding

Bubbles, San FranciscoCA-based provider of an asynchronous collaboration tool for video, elicits $8.5M inSeed funding

BackersIncluded Khosla Ventures, Craft Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, 468 Ventures, Bain CapitalStrategic angels include Naval Ravikant, Jeff Morris Junior, Brianne Kimmel, Rahul Vohra & Todd Goldberg, Ryan Hoover. 

TheCompany plans to use the funds to expand operations, to grow its user base, and roll out more features that improve team collaboration async.

LedBy CEO Tom Medema, CEO, BubblesIt is a flexible async collaboration tool that allows remote work. It adds threaded audio, video, and text comments to existing on-screen environments. The money raised inThis round will be financed inCreating features that allow teams to reach agreements outside of meetings and make bubbles accessible for everyone, anywhere, at any time.

ThePlatform is currently being used around the globe by tens or thousands of users.



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