Buckwild Cast Where Are They Now, Where Is The Cast Of Buckwild Now?

Buckwild Cast Where Are They Now?

Name Of The Cast Details
Shain Gandee  Gandee Candy
Shae Bradley  The Spicy Southern Belle
Anna  Davis  The Ringleader
Joey Mulcahy  Justin Beaver
Ashley Whitt  The Tomboy
Cara Parrish The Firecracker
Tyler  Boulet The Pretty Boy
Katie  Saria The College Girl
Salwa Amin BengaliIn Boots

Where Is The Cast Of Buckwild Now?

1) Shain Gandee

DuringHis time on ‘Buckwild,’ Shain GandeeFan-favorite cast member. InIn addition, he was part of the show’s second season. HoweverThings took a terrible turn just before Easter2013: ShainHis uncle and a friend disappeared without a trace. TheThe search for the missing reality superstar lasted for days, until the entire group was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. Their truck’s tailpipe caught in the mud during mudding. On April1, 2013 he was officially declared deceased.

2) Shae Bradley

Shae BradleyOr “Spicy Southern BelleAfter her time on “The Bachelor,” she became a nurse certified by the American Red Cross.Buckwild” and is now well-known in her area. SheCurrently, it is located in Boca Raton, Florida, and was at Vanderbilt University’s Cardiovascular Intensive Care UnitJusqu’ 2020 It’sIt’s nice to be there ShaeEnjoying life with her loved ones and family, especially since she is so active on social media.

3) Anna Davis

DespiteThe fact that Anna DavisAlthough she was very popular on the show, she decided to go public after the cancellation and now avoids the public eye. UnfortunatelyBecause she prefers to keep certain aspects private of her life, her current occupation and whereabouts remain unknown. SheAppearing to be happy with her family, she seems to be in a healthy relationship. AnnaShe often shares bits of her life via social media. We are so proud to see her flourish and we wish her happiness in the years to come.

4) Joey Mulcahy

Joey Mulcahy’sParticipation in “Buckwild” attracted fans’ attention. FurthermoreHis relationship with his costar Shae BradleyHis name was a big topic of gossip and drew much attention. JoeyOn the other side, he has slipped under the radar and now lives in complete solitude. Joey’sHis current location is unknown as there are no recent reports about him and he hasn’t been active on social networks.

5) Ashley Whitt

DuringHer time on ‘Buckwild,’ Ashley WhittBecause of her outgoing nature, and her determination to live her life in her own way, she has amassed a large fan base. AshleyAfter her time on the show, she returned to her regular life and was working as a receptionist at a 2017. Marriot hotel in Charleston. SheRumours also suggested that she was in a relationship. However, she is currently unmarried and raising her daughter. Lillian, alone.

6) Cara Parrish

FollowingHer debut on “Buckwild,’ Cara ParrishShe has reached new heights in life and now works in marketing. Shecurrently employed as an International Marketing Consultantat The Hedy SocietyIn Williamsburg, VirginiaHe previously worked in marketing for prominent brands such. Harley-Davidson, Crowdfire, Social Media Week. SheOne claims to have founded five companies and been involved with the creation of over 40 others. CaraShe is happy in her personal life as she is in a loving relationship with her husband. Samuel Katz.

7) Tyler Boulet

On ‘Buckwild,’ Tyler BouletA reputation as a gentleman who is a good match for women. TylerOn the other side, he is now hidden from the public eye and has since disappeared from the show’s final episodes. TylerAlthough he is not currently known, it appears that he is working at a dealership selling cars and enjoying the most joyful days of his lives with his friends.

8) Katie Saria

Katie SariaAfter her stint on, she went on to have an impressive career.BuckwildShe now works at BMF as a ‘,’ MediaAs an Executive Assistant. SheHe was also a member Stand Up To Cancerorganization and served as a marketing coordinator Herbalife. KatieCurrently located in New York, seems to be happy with her life.

9) Salwa Amin

Salwa AminFollowing her time on, she had legal problemsBuckwild”,” as she was taken into custody and sentenced to rehabilitation and jail on charges of drug possession with the intent to deliver. FollowingHer release from jail seemed to have made her feel like she was reclaiming her life. She even announced her pregnancy via social media. November 2017.


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