CAIS and Advisor Group partner to provide alternative investment education

CAISThe leading alternative investmentToday, the platform for independent financial advisers announced its selection Advisor Group to provideA platform solution to improve productivity alternative investment access, education and transaction workflow. Advisor Group is the nation’s largest network of independent wealth management firms with over 10,100 financial advisors overseeing more than $515 billion in client assets.

“WeWe were looking for a long-term trusted partner. partner andWhat attracted us? to CAISTheir flexibility to customize the platform’s product menu, simplify the transaction process, and integrate our wealth management ecosystem toHelp solve the problems of all clients, including high-net-worth individuals. to mass-affluent,” said Shannon Larson, SVP, Platform Management and Product Developmentat Advisor Group.

ThroughThe CAIS platform, Advisor Group’s financial professionals will gain access toA carefully curated menu alternative investment products, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, andPrivate credit AllFunds will be underwent Mercer’s third-party independent due diligence, giving Advisor Group’s Home Office andFinancial advisors have more confidence in the funds they choose for their clients.

“WeWe are happy toBe Advisor Group’s solution for alternative investmentAccess and education,” said Matt Brown, Founder andCEO CAIS. “Our platform’s ability toIntegrate Advisor Group’s third-party custodians, reporting providers andOther vendors make it easy and seamless workflow.”

CAIS’ platform seamlessly integrates with Advisor Group’s ecosystem, including the leading custodians andProviders of reporting. This integration automates andThis simplifies reporting andDocument workflow process that enables financial professionals to browse, research, transact, andYou can operate in a connected ecosystem.

Advisor Group’s financial professionals will further benefit from access to CAISIQ, a personalized learning platform for mastering alternative investments. CAISIQ will help Advisor Group’s home office with monitoring and supervising financial advisors’ learning progress on fund-specific courses provided via the CAISPlatform toFoundational andFor CE credits, there are courses that focus on asset classes.

“CAIS and Advisor GroupMake a commitment to share toLead with learning CAIS IQ’s customized, interactive courses will provideAdvisors with the knowledge toHelp them allocate to alternative investments confidently while meeting our firm’s compliance requirement,” said Larson.

ThisAfter securing more than $325 million in growth capital, the company announced a partnership announcement Apollo, Motive Partners, Franklin Templeton, Reverence Capital Partners, and Stone Point VenturesWhich values the CompanyAt more than $1.1 Billion

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