Call of Duty: Warzone Operation Monarch trailer hints at King Kong and Godzilla clash with monoliths

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Operation Monarch is coming very soon, but we still don’t know exactly what the event entails. A new trailerWe might just get some hints though.

The Operation Monarch launch trailerIt is here atThe peak ofThe hype. andIt sets the tone for the event. Images ofThe CalderaMaps are shown along withIntriguing shots of King Kong and GodzillaThe kaiju that is the focus of the operation. WeAlso see the monolithsThey were added to Caldera withThe latest map changes Curiously, we don’t see any ofThe OperatorsDirectly engage withEither monster. We don’t have to wait much longer to see how Operation Monarch works, but this writer’s theory is that players will be able to use the monolithsTo support their titan ofchoice in battle, by some sort ofVote or control point HaveTake a look at the following to see what you think.

Other prominent parts ofThe trailerThese are just a few of the glimpses atThe Godzilla, King Kong, and Mechagodzilla Operator skins. ThoseIt will hit the Call of DutyStore when the event starts. AlsoThe new is shown Dig SitePoint of interest, withIt has a massive monster skeleton players can fight. Operation MonarchKicks off at noon ET / 9 AM PT on Wednesday, May 11.

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