Call of the Night Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

In theSeventh episode of ‘(*7*) no Uta’ or ‘Call of the Night,’ YamoriWalks around randomly theHe accidentally meets a girl in the middle of the night in a city. SheIt turns out that he is a vampire who manages, with the help of his friend, to kidnap him. Nazuna’s best attempts to stop them. Here’s everything you need to know about theEnd of ‘Call of the Night’ episode 7. SPOILERS BEFORE!!

Call of the Night Episode 7 Recap

BoredHis life was uneventful YamoriStroll around thetown during theNight when a girl across the street catches his attention the street. HeNotices someone approaching her but she quickly turns them down. AsShe notices that YamoriHe is looking at her, and she waves her hand to say hello. YamoriDoes not think very much of theInteraction but then she suddenly appears right next to him. and startles him. SheHe tells him that theStranger was not his type. SheShe confesses that she spends a lot of money. theNight with random people she meets on thestreets because her boring life is boring. Yamori feels it’s quite a dangerous way of living one’s life. WhenShe steals as she is about leave theCoca-Cola can YamoriHe held his hand in his hands andHe chases her and just walks away.

AfterThey have walked for a while. YamoriYou ask her to return. the can, and that’s when she tells him that she actually drank everything. AsShe explains her reasons for walking everywhere theNighttime in the city YamoriShe feels just like him. HeTells her that it is okay for people to have different thoughts, as he was also in that position a few days back. SheInstantly hug him andHe tries to drink his blood, but luckily he fails. NazunaStop her andEven her arm is sliced. ItIt turns out, theGirl is actually a vampire who knows Nazuna quite well. AsThey are fighting another vampire restraint YamoriFrom behind.

Once Yamoriis kidnapped Kabura HondaHe takes him to an isolated spot where other vampires await them. AsHe realizes as soon as he gets there that NazunaIt was right that vampires are attractive since all time. ofThey are well-dressed and look good. No one would suspect them to be vampires. Unfortunately, NicoIt doesn’t feel like it theSimilar approach YamoriWhile KaburaHe claims that he is cute. WithoutDon’t waste any time NicoAsks YamoriTo choose one ofThey can make him a vampire. SinceHe appears reluctant. She also mentions they will have to kill him, if he refuses a person to choose.

Call of the Night Episode 7 Ending: Do the Other Vampires ManageTo Convince YamoriTo Choose One of Them and BecomeYou can find more information at Vampire?

Although Yamori thinks that all vampires there are beautiful, he does not feel a moment’s hesitation to say that he only wants Nazuna. NicoWho feels they are doing the right thing? YamoriDo him a favor and let him choose. ofThey could not contain their anger andHe screams at him. She argues that vampires there are quite popular so she can’t wrap her head around theFact is that YamoriStill wants to be with someone like NazunaHe is clearly not interested romance. SinceA person must fall in Love with a Vampire before he can turn into one. NazunaIt seems like a horrible choice. HoweverShe decides to show more patience andOffer him a seat next-to-her.

Call of the Night Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Another vampire named MidoriWho is directly opposite? NicoShe knows exactly what she is trying do. Therefore, MidoriArguments that NicoVirgins are not preferred in general. HenceShe feels that YamoriIt will be more effective if YamoriIf he chooses her. ItMarks theBeginning ofWell thought out debate between theA vampire that is primarily influenced by Nico and Midori. UnfortunatelyNone of theArguments can be very powerful ofAn effect on Yamori’s decision who just wants to go back to Nazuna. LuckilyShe arrived there shortly thereafter in a very aggressive mood. ExactlyAt that moment, YamoriTell other vampires how to become one ofThey fall in love with them. Nazuna. YamoriThis is how it works. theThat is the pact Nazuna andHe had also formed in thedays after their first meeting.

NazunaLoves to drink his blood andHe wants to be a vampire because he doesn’t care about human life anymore. ThereforeWhen he told her his decision, he said so to her. NazunaExplain to him what he needs to do andHe even said that he could go on andFall in love with him. Although theOther vampires have also assumed that Yamori had no plans ofBeing a vampire andThey saw it as a threat, but they were wrong in assuming it. theFirst place. TheVampires are dumbfounded when they learn the true dynamics of Yamori and Nazuna’s relationship. SoSummarising, there is no YamoriHe will not accept any other vampire to make him one ofThey are the ones he wants to be with NazunaAs per plan.

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