Call of the Night Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

In theSeventh episode of ‘YofukashiNo Uta’ or ‘Call of the Night,’ NazunaDecides to give KouA kiss right in front ofOther vampires theOne massage he gave him ofHer clients. (*8*), KouHe was shocked to find out about a crucial time limit that could stop him becoming a vampire or even endanger the safety of his life. AsHe tries his best to make peace with it theHe meets his old friend despite the difficulties in his path MahiruAfter a long time. Here’s everything you need to know about theEnd of ‘Call of the Night’ episode 8. SPOILERS BEFORE!!

Call of the Night Episode 8 Recap

AfterRealizing why theOther vampires tried to kidnap his body. KouHe confesses to wanting to be a vampire. HisRelationship with NazunaBased on theUnderstanding that she is only after his blood, and he wants to be like her someday in the future. When the vampires argue that they don’t trust Nazuna’s plans to have offspring, KouTells them that she has even instructed him to go ahead andFall in love with him. HoweverWhen? KouHe then argues that he is willing wait until he can become a vampire before everyone else stops talking.

ItIt is then revealed. KouOne year is all it takes to turn a human into a vampire ofHe gets his blood sucked for the first time. KouIt is understandable that he was shocked. NazunaIt was never mentioned to him. AsHe stares at her in silence, and she apologizes that she didn’t tell him. theCritical information HoweverAfter giving her client a massage, she gives him a kiss. theOther day, right in front ofAs if to convey a message to other vampires TheThe next day KouIt happens accidentally SeriWalking around theCity at night.

AlthoughAlthough he initially avoids talking to her, he later tells her about his struggle with falling in love. Nazuna. SeriListens attentively to his concerns andHe suggests that he takes her out on a date. WhenHe first proposes theIdea to NazunaHe convinces her, but she declines immediately. Unfortunately, theDates do not work out well and theduo returns to their respective homes themiddle of the night. ButWhen NazunaLater, she feels hungry and picks up KouUp from his house and theDuo spends quality times together. (*8*), AkiraTalks to her childhood friend MahiruAfter a long period, who is still interested in the matter? Kou’s absence to her.

Call of the Night Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

MahiruHe also mentioned that he is going out on night dates with someone who he met recently. TheThe next night KouMeets him on thestreet and theAfter a long time, two friends finally get to speak. AkiraThey will also be joined shortly thereafter andTells MahiruAbout NazunaWithout mentioning theShe is a vampire. MahiruDoes not seem to mind andJust ask him if he enjoys spending time with her. KouI am thrilled to finally be reunited since he was one of theFirst friends he made. AlthoughHe felt a little shy about speaking up. Akira, Mahiru always made him comfortable.

Call of the Night Episode 8 Ending: WhoIt is the Girl With Mahiru? Is He DatingYou can find more information at Vampire Too?

After MahiruA message is received from him, he tells Akira and KouHe must get moving, as his friend is waiting. While AkiraIt seems a little skeptical KouThis is probably not because it seems odd to him. MahiruFamous for his sexiness, he has been around since the beginning. andThis is a popular choice with theGirls are also welcome. Then AkiraDecides to return home andYou can also sleep while KouStart looking for Nazuna. (*8*), NazunaAlso, he is clueless about where Kou is. AsShe walks around looking for him, and she sees him. MahiruGo in theWith a girl, it is the opposite.

Call of the Night Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

AlthoughShe does not know the details of his friendship with her KouShe notices that he is helping his girlfriend. and the couple appears quite happy. WhenFinally, she meets KouA few minutes later, she requests his hand. andThey also walk together in theStreets like a couple What Kou and Akira do not as ofNow their friend is going out as well with a vampire. His girlfriend’s name is Kiku Hoshimi andHe wants to be a vampire, just like Kou.

Although theshow doesn’t give any information about Mahiru’s girlfriend, the light novel goes into detail about Kiku’s unpredictable nature. SheOne of theVampires with the most underlings andHas a habit ofOnce she has made them vampires, they will forget about her. MahiruLike many others before him, he falls madly in Love with her Kiku.

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