Chris Pratt-Starrer is an Unrelenting Action Thriller

In the ‘New Rule’ segment of a June 2022 episode of ‘Real TimeWith Bill Maher,’ the titular comedian and television host drew a connection between Hollywood’s penchant for depicting gratuitous violence and the mass shootings in America. ThisThis was in the wake of numerous incidents of gun violence, including the Robb Elementary SchoolShooting in Uvalde, TexasWhere is it? anAn 18-year old gunman killed nineteen students and two teachers, and inflicted injuries on eighteen others before being released. Border PatrolOfficer fatally shot him. AfterThe episode aired and netizens were quick. point outPeople in different parts of the globe may watch the same films and TV programs. What isUniquely different about the AmericanPopulation isNot entertainment, but something entirely different.

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Frankly, Maher isNot the first person to hold an art form at least partially responsible in some social ills. AtAt first glance Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The Terminal List’ seems to be the prime example of what Maher Its protagonist — a Navy SEAL commander and family man — isLiterally, as a domestic terrorist. AfterHe is furious at the deaths of his soldiers in a mission that went wrong and the brutal murders his wife and daughter. He vows to take revenge and kill anyone who has anything to do. In a lesser hand, ‘The Terminal List’ could have easily become nothing more than revenge porn. But showrunner David DiGilio, known for ‘Strange Angel’ and ‘Crossbones,’ and his team approach the story with anYou can feel a lot more confident and compassionate, and that makes all of the difference.

Based on the 2018 namesake action-thriller novel (the first in the ‘Terminal List’ series of books) by Jack Carr, ‘The Terminal List’ revolves around Lt. Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt( NavyThe leader of his team and SEAL DuringA mission to neutralize an IranianExpert in chemical weapons ReeceThe enemies ambush him and his team. ReeceOnly one other person is able to return home, but the latter soon dies. anSuicide apparent As ReeceHis wife, who is also dealing with his grief at the loss of his comrades, as well as frequent headaches, hallucinations, and other symptoms, has been his counselor. Lauren (Riley Keough), and daughter, Lucy (Arlo Mertz), are killed by masked assassins. This prompts ReeceTo trace the people responsible one at a time.

The show’s title comes from the list that ReeceHe keeps one of his sketches on the back. WheneverWhen he hears about a new perpetrator he adds their name the list. ReeceAfter they are removed, cross the name. Meanwhile, war correspondent Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) pursues the biggest news of her career. WhenShe was the first to hear it Reece’s account of what happened to his men and his family, she dismisses it and regards the naval officer as unwell. SheThere are good reasons to do so. HoweverShe will see the truth around her. Buranek Reece’s fates become inevitably connected.

As the premise suggests, ‘The Terminal List’ — among other things — isIt was ultimately a show of disillusionment. James Reece isA warrior who has dedicated his entire life to his country. InHe and his men were thrown to the wolves upon their return. WithNothing to lose, the only thing you can lose is your time. Reece can do isMove forward and fight. And that’s where the vengeance aspect of the narrative comes into play.

Chris Pratt-Starrer is an Unrelenting Action Thriller
Image Credit: Arpi Ketendjian/Amazon Prime Video

EquippedWith a limited arsenal Pratt isPerhaps not the best actor to bring out all of the nuances. James ReeceAs a character. HoweverYet, he still manages giving anHonesty and physical performance. OneThe best things about the show isThat BuranekIt is a parallel to the one of ReeceThis separation can be amplified. Wu’s performance as the firebrand journalist. ItThis allows the character to grow in a different space, away from their protagonist, while still being very much a part of the story.

The violence in ‘The Terminal List’ feels unrelenting and vicious, though it sometimes ventures deep into the territory of gratuitousness. TheThe show starts promisingly but quickly falls apart due to the predictable nature of the plot. InHowever, the show’s last three episodes are redeeming and the show takes a rather unexpected turn.

Despite what might be your initial impression, ‘The Terminal List’ isNot a propaganda piece America’s military-industrial complex. In fact, it’s the opposite. It criticizes the greed and the hunger for power and doesn’t put the rampaging vigilante on a pedestal either.

Rating: 3/5

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