CIQ Closes $26M Series A Funding Round

CIQ, Reno, NevadaSoftware infrastructure company based in the United States, closed $26M Series ARound of funding

TheRound was led By Two Bear Capital.

TheCompany plans to use the funds in order to expand its operations and reach new customers.

LedBy Gregory Kurtzer, FounderCEO CIQIt provides a platform for software infrastructure that works in every aspect of the technology stack, to create stable, scalable and secure solutions for customers.

The company works through cross-pollinating enterprise, cloud, and hyperscale, with high performance computing and bringing forth a complete stack, from bare metal provisioning/imaging, operating system, containers, orchestration, and federated computing.

CIQis also the founding sponsor of services and partner Rocky Linux, the most community-maintained and freely accessible enterprise LinuxDistribution founded by Gregory M. KurtzerOne of the original founders and leaders of CentOS.

WithAlready there is widespread adoption from media and entertainment as well as telecommunications. CIQRecently, we announced a partnership with Google Cloud to join forces in offering support for Rocky LinuxAs a first-party, direct party GoogleSupported offering



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