City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained: Who Killed Rick Dunleavy?

In the thirdSeason of ‘City on a Hill,’ it becomes once more apparent that John “Jackie” Rohr (Kevin Bacon) does have moral and ethical lines he doesn’t cross; it’s just that he often has trouble finding them. In season 3Episode 3, titled ‘Speak When You’re Angry,’ JackieRealizes that SinclairIs guilty of everything VictoriaHe denies the accusations, but he is too accustomed to the money he makes working for it. Sinclair brings. As aAs a result, he is hesitant to seek out the truth about the current employer. HavingDeCourcy, his father, recently passed away Ward (Aldis Hodge) attempts to snuff out his grief as Guy Dan ForcesHe will be competing against him Blair. Meanwhile, Chris CaysenHe pays the price for honesty Here IsEverything you need to know about ending of City on a Hill’ season 3Episode 3. SPOILERS BEFORE.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The episode begins as Ward returns to work after his father’s death. BlairHe invites them to come into his office and tells them that their boss would like to see them both in the office andThe gun is noticed. WardNow he carries his briefcase. DuringTheir meeting with Guy Dan, WardWillingly attaches his self to the more difficult case DanBoth of them are available. When DanAsk about the gun WardIt is clear that while AntonIt is dead andHe andHe and his wife are still alive and he plans on keeping it that way.

AtThe Rohr household, BenedettaThe nest is gone andGoes off to college New York, and her parents couldn’t be prouder. JackieLater, he learns that Jenny’s horrible father is bringing assault charges against her. That is how he finds out about his wife’s encounter with her father andThe role that DoyleParticipated in it. Infuriated, JackieFaces DoyleAgain andHe tells him to stay clear of Jenny. Moreover, he uses his connection in the FBI to launch an investigation into the church’s alleged missing funds.

WhileHer case involved the Big Dig, SiobhanShe learns that her high-school buddy, Lulu, has been taken to heaven. a car accident. Although they hadn’t seen each other for years, LuluShe was named as her next-to kin. AsShe starts to prepare for Lulu’s funeral, old memories come rushing back, andBoth she and WardThey are forced to deal a torrent of grief. SiobhanLater, it is discovered that LuluSend it to her a letter before her death. ItIt was essentially a suicide note. WhenThey were younger. Luludriving while under the influence of alcohol SiobhanShe was also in the vehicle. LuluHit aMan who was out on aWalk with your dog. TheThe couple learned the following day that the man was married with two kids.

TheMan survived, but suffered serious injuries. TheThe guilt she felt for her actions haunted her. Lulufor all the years it took before it became too much. SiobhanDiscusses this with her mother. TheyIt was recently discovered that the man in dispute had died. and Siobhan’s mother convinces her to let it go, arguing that no good will come by trying to rectify the past.

JennyConsider the mistake she made in marrying Jackieas her friendship with Doyle grows. Meanwhile, JackieWith whom you can sleep LetitiaShe reveals that she is from aShe comes from a working-class background. SheShe claims she and SinclairHave an open marriage andEach other sexual partner SinclairExcept DominiqueThey are happy with their experience. AndYet, when? JackieHe walks out of the room and sees SinclairWith a woman he met earlier. SheIt appears that you are heavily under the influence. and JackieHe knows exactly the type of people he works for.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 3 Ending: Is Rick Dunleavy Dead? Who Killed Him?

If Chris CaysenIt represents the best of everything BostonThe police department offers, Rick Dunleavy (Bill Dawes) represents the worst. TheMan is rotten to his core andHe is not afraid to kill fellow police officers he believes have broken the code. It’s pretty much clear by now that he is the one who shot and killed Russ. InThis episode, he mocks CaysenIn public places SoHe gets shot in the evening. andWhen someone dies, suspicion falls on Caysen. AsThe episode is over, and two police officers arrive. Caysen’s home to question him.

TheShooter is unlikely not Caysen. WeCatch aFew glimpses of this shooter. Even though it’s raining when DunleavyGet shot andThe shooter is wearing aHooded jackets are obviously not for you CaysenHe is most likely with his wife at the time of this incident. ThePerson who fatally shoots DunleavyThis is significantly less than Caysen. ItMust be someone who was directly impacted by Dunleavy’s actions. AndThis can only be one person. Wallace’s pregnant wife, Carol. SoEither she or someone she hired probably killed the corrupt police officer.

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