Cogniteam Raises $5.6M in Series A Funding

Cogniteam, Tel Aviv, IsraelCompany that develops robotics for the military, raised $5.6M in Series A funding.

TheRound was led by Seabarn Management, PantheraMembers of the family office

TheThe company plans to use the funds for product development, sales expansion, and support team growth.

LedBy CEO Dr. Yehuda Elmaliach, CogniteamProvides NimbusA robotics AI platform that enables collaborative robotic development, enabling companies to bring new robotic programs on the market. inA fraction of the time. TheThe platform allows software developers to thoroughly test their capabilities in a simulation environment before the actual build-out of a physical robot.

Alongside this virtual testing environment, developers can select pre-built software packages from the ROS operating system, NVIDIA’s ISAAC SDK GEMs toolset, and field-tested algorithms that were developed in-house by Cogniteam. Once mobilized, NimbusRobots that are operated by humans are kept up-to-date with the latest software developments, AI learnings, and other information throughout their lives. CloudUpdates and lesson sharing



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