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ColdQuanta, Boulder, CO-based global quantum ecosystem company, acquired, a  ChicagoLeader in platform development and quantum software applications, based in the United States

TheThe amount of the deal was not disclosed.

TheAcquisition is about transformation ColdQuanta into a multi-Platform, quantum hardware, and software company’s full team of quantum information scientistsAnd software developers, including CEO Pranav Gokhale and Chief Scientist Fred ChongJoin us! ColdQuanta and lead the company’s new Chicago office.

ColdQuantaThe beta launch of a new version of GitHub was also announced. Hilbert, a gate-The based cold-atom quantum computer supports the QiskitAPI and will initially be made available to beta customers via its comprehensive multidisciplinary platform.-tenant cloud platform. IntegrationPublic cloud services will be available later in the year.’s optimized software stack includes:

  • SuperstaQ: The company’s flagship write-Customers can write quantum programs in any language. This software can be run anywhere, optimized, and executed on any quantum computer.
  • SupermarQ:’s open source benchmark software is a comprehensive quantum computing benchmarking platform, based on real-World use cases and applications
  • Applications: creates quantum algorithms to address a wide range of critical uses-Cases from multiple industries. offers deep software expertise ColdQuantaCustomers have access to a wide range applications and algorithmic capabilities. will increase the capabilities of Hilbert by improving circuit performance via pulse-Optimized transpilation, level optimization and error mitigation techniques.

LedBy CEO Scott Faris, Paul Lipman, PresidentOf Quantum Information Platforms, ColdQuantaQuantum mechanics is used to build and integrate quantum computers and sensors. FromFundamental physics to edge products ColdQuanta enables “quantum everywhere” through an ecosystem of devices and platforms. TheCompany is based in BoulderColorado, with offices in Chicago, IL; Madison, WI Oxford, UK.



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