Compare Best Trading Platforms in The UK

Best Trading Platforms

Check out these top-rated trading platforms in the UK:

Capital at risk. Additional charges apply.

Interactive Investor – One trade per month for free; Many research opportunities

Annual Platform Fee

PS120 – PS240

Dealing with Charge

PS7.99 – PS3.99

Regular Investor Fee


Interactive Investor offers over 40,000 investments, including the UK and international shares, funds, and investment trusts. Each month you receive a free trade that can be used for buying or selling any investment. This site offers a wealth of information, including research and expert opinions that can help you make the right investment decisions. Interactive Investors offers trading accounts, stocks, and shares ISA, SIPP, and junior ISA services.

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eToro – Buy/sell Cryptocurrencies; 0% Commission on Real Stocks

Annual Platform Fee


Dealing with Charge


Regular Investor Fee


eToro, a multi-asset platform, allows you to trade CFDs as well as invest in stocks and crypto-assets. Open an account on eToro completely free. All users who register receive US$100,000. US$5 fee applies to withdrawals and deposits. If you prefer a fully-allocated, balanced portfolio, eToro provides over 40 portfolios. They are based on market segments you can comprehend and to which you can relate. You can choose from BigTech, DividendGrowth, and GoldWorldWide portfolios. Portfolios can be a combination of stocks, cryptocurrencies, or ETFs. eToro does not offer an ISA, SIPP.

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Please be aware that crypto assets are highly volatile, unregulated investments products. Investor protection is not available in the UK or EU. Your capital is at stake. 68% of retail investor accounts also lose money trading CFDs with this provider. Consider whether you can afford to lose your money.

Freedom24 – IPO stocks for an initial price; More than 1,000,000 instruments.

Annual Platform Fee

EUR0 – EUR2400

Dealing with Charge

EUR0.02 to EUR0.008 per Share

Regular Investor Fee


Freedom24 is an online trading platform offered by Freedom Finance that allows access to over 1,000,000 instruments. Its unique advantage is that everyday investors can directly participate in IPOs, starting at US$2,000. Freedom Finance Europe Ltd is an EU-based stockbroker that is listed on Nasdaq.

It allows retail investors to participate “big name” in IPOs like Robinhood, Snowflake, and Airbnb. Freedom Finance was launched with the Facebook IPO in 2008. Since then, Freedom Finance has offered its clients worldwide participation in more than 250+ IPOs using an easy-to-use online platform. Freedom24 provides its customers with access to more than 1,000,000 trading instruments.

These include 35,000 stocks, 3,100 ETFs and 147,000 bonds. It also offers 500 futures on 15 stock exchanges. Customers have free access to a demo terminal that they can use to practice trading before making real money. Freedom24 offers four plans with different pricing. Freedom Finance (Freedom24) does not offer an ISA/SIPP.

Fineco Bank: No commissions for trading up to PS500.

Annual Platform Fee


Charges for dealing


Regular Investor Fee


Fineco Bank, Europe’s biggest bank, has over 30,000,000 processed orders each year. It boasts 20 years of leadership in brokerage. A single low-cost account gives you access to 26 global markets and allows you to trade over 20,000 financial products worldwide.

You can trade and invest directly in GBP and EUR, USD, USD, Swiss Franc, and more than 20 other currencies. Fineco Bank provides a Trading Account and Stocks and Shares ISA. Capital at risk.

Hargreaves Lansdown – Lots of research, ideas, and tips

Annual Platform Fee


(Fund & share account)

Dealing with Charge (Online).

PS11.95 – PS5.95

Regular Investor Fee

PS1.50 per deal

Hargreaves Lansdown offers thousands in investments, including UK shares, overseas shares, funds, investment trusts, and ETFs. It doesn’t charge a platform fee for its Fund and Shares Account but charges 0.45% (capped @ PS45) a YEAR on its ISA and 0.45% on its SIPP (capped @ PS200).

It offers most products, including Fund and Share Account and Stocks and Shares ISA and Junior ISA. These services are designed for investors who enjoy making their own financial decisions.

AJ Bell Yourinvest – If you make more than ten trades per month, it’s cheap.

Annual Platform Fee


(max PS3.50 per month)

Online charging of charges

PS9.95 – PS4.95

Regular Investor Charge (Online).

PS1.50 per deal

AJ Bell Youinvest offers thousands in investments, including individual stocks and shares as well as funds and investment trusts and ETFs. You can trade shares for as low as $10 a month if you make ten or more trades per month. AJ Bell Youinvest provides services including Share Dealing Account and Stocks and Shares ISA.

Capital at risk.

InvestEngine: Low cost, 250+ commission-free ETFs

Annual Platform Fee

0% – 0.25%

Dealing with Charge


Regular Investor Fee


InvestEngine is a UK-based low-cost platform that offers a range of managed portfolios tailored to your specific needs and commission-free DIY investment to help you build wealth over the long term. Over 250 exchange-traded funds can be accessed by users from Vanguard, iShares, and other major brands. InvestEngine offers two options depending on your investing skills: For beginners or those who are more experienced, there is an option to select one of the managed portfolios.

Here the experts from InvestEngine will make the investment decisions. These portfolios have a platform charge of 0.25 percent per annum. For advanced investors or those who have confidence, you can choose from 250+ non-commissionable ETFs to build your portfolios. The DIY Portfolio does not charge any platform fees. All portfolios of InvestEngine come with no setup fees, dealing fees, or withdrawal fees.

InvestEngine makes it easy to invest in stocks and shares ISAs, personal accounts, or business accounts. Capital at risk.

DEGIRO – Cheap share dealing; 200 Commission-free ETFs

Annual Platform Fee


Negotiating Charges

PS1.75 + 0.014% (UK Stocks)

Regular Investor Fee


DEGIRO is an award-winning investment broker that lets you trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, and options across 50 international exchanges. There are thousands of financial instruments that can be regulated, which allows investors to diversify their portfolios around the world. DEGIRO allows you to invest in up to 200 commission-free ETFs. You don’t have to pay a commission if you invest in only ETFs.

Dealing in UK stocks will cost you PS1.75 + 0.014% per deal. US stocks will cost EUR0.5 + $0.004 per share, and Irish stocks will cost EUR4 + 0.05% each deal. For more information, please click. DEGIRO currently boasts over 1 million customers from 18 countries. You can use the web portal and mobile app to access the platform from any device. DEGIRO doesn’t provide an ISA or SIPP.

Stake-free trading; Fractional shares. Analyst ratings

Annual Platform Fee


Dealing with Charge


Regular Investor Fee


Stake, a global brokerage that is free of commissions, gives you access to over 4,500 US stocks and ETFs through a mobile app or web interface. To access more sophisticated features, you can upgrade to Stake Black at US$9/month. Or US$90 per annum. Stake-free gives you unlimited access to the platform’s assets, unlimited commission-free trading, advance orders types, and fractional trades.

Stake Black provides access to analyst ratings and price targets as well as the full financials of the company. You can also trade on unliquidated funds. For non-USD deposits or withdrawals, FX rates are applicable. Stake does not offer ISAs or SIPPs. Capital at risk.

XTB – Speedy execution; Market order depth; Trading academy

Annual Platform Fee


Charges for dealing


Regular Investor Fee


XTB, an easy-to-use, fully customizable European trading platform, is one of the biggest stock exchange-listed FX & CFD brokerages in the world. It gives retail traders instant access to hundreds of global markets. XTB lets you trade in stocks, commodities, ETFs, forex, indices, and indices. XTB offers a wide range of educational materials, including webinars, videos, and courses that are suitable for both novice investors and more experienced investors.

A dedicated account officer will assist you in understanding your needs and how XTB functions when you sign-up. XTB allows you to open a trading account for free. While deposits in GBP and EUR can be made at no cost, withdrawals below PS60 will incur a PS12 processing charge. A monthly fee of EUR10 is charged for inactive accounts.

XTB operates in more than 13 countries, including France, Germany, and the UK. It also serves over 315,000 customers around the world. XTB does but does not offer a SIPP or ISA.

Please note that Contracts for Difference (CFDs), which are leveraged products, carry a high risk of losing your capital. As prices can move quickly against you, you may have to make additional payments to keep any trades open. CFD trading is a common way for retail investors to lose money. These products may not suit all clients. You should ensure you understand all risks and get independent advice.

Compare Trading Platforms – Stocks & Shares ISA

The number of funds you hold in your stocks or shares ISA will determine the annual charge. This assumes that you only plan to invest in individual stocks or shares.

Our dedicated investment fee comparison tool for funds or robot-advisors is available if you are planning to invest in funds.

The following table shows the annual charges for holding stocks or shares in an ISA that is self-selected or do-it-yourself.

You have the option to choose which stocks or shares you want in an ISA.

Depending upon the provider, you have the option of selecting individual shares, bonds, and funds or choosing from a variety of pre-made portfolios.

To get the most out of the table, click on the column headings to sort from the most costly to the cheapest trading platform.

If you click on the PS20,000 lump sum header, you will see the cheapest online broker to invest a lump sum of PS20k. To view the PS100k lump sum investment’s most expensive broker, click twice on this header.

Continue to go through the headers until your search is complete. Scroll down to view our assumptions.

However, regular investing calculations have not been included. We do, however, note regular investor fees in column 2.

The third column lists the share dealing costs for ad hoc investment.

The fourth and fifth columns display the annual charges of lump sum investments of PS20k or PS100k.

Capital at risk. Other charges may apply. Other fees may apply.


These are the scenarios that were used in the calculation:

  1. PS20,000 lump Sum (a year’s ISA Allowance)
  2. PS100,000.00 lump amount (if you have ISAs from prior years and are transferring into)

We assume that you will also make 12 ad-hoc sales in the same calendar year.

A deal can either be one of selling or buying an investment. Trade is another name for it.

The colors red, amber, and green are used to show how costly or inexpensive a platform is in comparison to other ones. The green-colored share trading platforms are the cheapest, while the red-colored, more expensive ones will be more costly. Amber is the most expensive.

Be aware that just because a platform is green, it doesn’t mean it’s the best. Cheap doesn’t always mean good. The most costly platforms may offer a greater selection of stocks, bonds, or funds, depending on your needs.

You should consider investing small amounts of money and choosing the cheapest share trading platform. As your portfolio grows, you will find that the more expensive platforms are less costly. Take Interactive Investor or Halifax Share Dealing as examples.

In addition, we only show the costs for the first year. You should mention this because, with platforms such as iWeb, your fees decrease after the first year. You might see an increase in charges for platforms like EQi.

Final note: For each stockbroker that is listed in the stocks and shares ISA comparison tables, your money will be protected by Financial Services Compensation Schemes (FSCS).

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which trading platform in the UK is best for beginners?

Here are the best trading platforms available for beginners in the UK

  • Interactive Investor One free trade per calendar month; lots and tips
  • Share – No trading fees; fractional shares; analyst rating
  • eToro – Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies; 0% Commission on Real Stocks
  • DEGIRO – Cheap share dealing; 200 commission-free ETFs
  • AJ Bell Youinvest – Mid price range; many ideas, insights, and tips
  • InvestEngine- Low cost, 250+ commission-free ETFs

Which app is best to trade?

Here are some of our favorite trading apps:

  • eToro – Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies; 0% Commission on Real Stocks
  • Interactive Investor One trade per calendar month; many research and tips
  • Hargreaves Lansdown: Lots of research, insights, tips, and more
  • Freedom24 IPO stocks starting at $1000; Over 1,000,000 instruments
  • InvestEngine- Low cost, 250+ commission-free ETFs
  • Fineco Bank – No platform fee; cheap share dealing + promo
  • Share – No trading fees; fractional shares; analyst rating

To get an idea of the fees each platform charges for share trading and regular investing, you can use our comparison table.

Where can I put my little money to work?

You can start investing as low as PS25 on most investment platforms. Some even go lower. Freetrade is a way to get started trading on the stock market, starting with as little a PS2.

What is a brokerage?

A brokerage account is an account that can be used to invest in stocks, shares, bonds, and funds. In the UK, a broker account is the same type as a General Investment Account. Stocks, Shares ISA, and Lifetime ISAs are other types of accounts that you can use for investing. Transfer money to and from your brokerage account is just like with a bank account.

How do you open a brokerage account?

Open a General Investment Account on the website of any one of the online brokerages listed in the comparison table. You can buy, sell, or hold any investment you choose with the GIA.

What is a self-select ISA?

A self-select ISA gives you the flexibility to choose which investments make up your investment portfolio. You can either choose your own investments or use pre-made portfolios, depending on the provider.

Self-select ISAs providers are also known by Do-It-Yourself investment platforms (DIY).

ISAs are exempt from all taxes

What types of assets are permitted to be held in a self-select ISA

A self-select ISA can be opened with an online trading platform. You can invest in a wide range of assets.

  • Stocks and shares
  • Funds,
  • Gilts,
  • Bonds,
  • Investment trusts
  • Units trusts
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Open-Ended Investment Companies (“OEICs”)
  • Structured products

How can I open a self-select ISA

Compare the top investment platforms to find the right one for you. To apply for an account, go to the platform’s site. Once your account is opened, you’ll be able to choose investments and build your portfolio.

There are a few trading platforms that can help you choose investments. Financial advice is usually charged an additional fee.

What are the benefits of a self-select ISA

  • You can choose which investments make up your portfolio.
  • You are able to have more control over the design and management of your portfolio.
  • All dividends and capital gains are exempt from income tax.
  • You pay no advice fee.

What are the advantages of a self-selected ISA?

  • For inexperienced investors, it can be very risky.
  • You must keep up with market developments, which can be time-consuming.

It might be worthwhile to seek independent financial advice from a competent financial adviser if you are unsure about selecting a self-select ISA.

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