Credex partners with iDenfy for biometric ID verification

The LithuanianRemote access from a base ID verificationFraud prevention startup iDenfy, partners with CredexThe automated lending platform forPoint of sales financing. iDenfy’s full-stack identity verificationThis will ensure that you have a fast and safe lending experience for Credex’s customers.

TheCybercrime has seen a sharp increase since the pandemic. AccordingIT Governance39% of companies were victims to cyberattacks in the last year. AsAs a result, less businesses use fraud prevention tools or perform any type of customer monitoring than in the previous year.

WithoutOrganizations can leave an open door without a security layer forFraudsters are on the loose. ToOrganizations can avoid negative consequences such as reputational damage, compliance fines, or financial crime by using AI-powered tools. ThisThey are able to analyze large transaction numbers and various data points in real-time to detect fraud.

AccordingTo CredexLong-term thinking is the best option partners is not an easy step, especially since their services have a huge impact on the clients’ experience; therefore, when searching forA new identity verificationprovider, the company prioritized user-friendly, safe options and selected iDenfy’s automated service.

CredexIt is an automated lending platform that provides loans through a digital stream. TheFinancial institution provides its customers withYou will find it convenient to apply for a loan and you will get favorable terms. Currently, CredexOver 100,000 clients worldwide. The company aims to increase its lending volumes.

Asper iDenfyRemote ID verification prevents online scammers from carrying out processes on another person’s behalf or committing fraud through false, synthetic identities. iDenfyCybercriminals are defeated and businesses protected by full-stack identities verificationFraud prevention measures. Its AI-powered biometric technology matches the user’s selfie withTheir document is completed in less than one minute. The 3D liveness check ensures that customers are physically present during the onboarding process.

iDenfy’s certified verificationSoftware increased Credex’s clients’ satisfaction due to the swift, simple Know Your Customer (KYC) process. AccordingTo the lending platform iDenfy’s solution encouraged more clients to download the Credex Mobile Applicationthereby reducing the number of abandoned transactions.

“FraudPreventing is key in this digital age. forIt can be difficult for businesses with high transaction volumes. We’re proud to collaborate with iDenfyResponsible business that helps us overcome cybersecurity threats and provides our clients with excellent service withA pleasant identity verification experience.” — explained Traian Baicu, General DirectorThis is Credex.

“Identity verificationAllows businesses to onboard customers with confidence. ThanksTechnology and artificial intelligence allow us to detect fraud and money laundering immediately, avoiding the most severe consequences. We’re delighted to work with Credex, a business that also prioritizes convenience and security.” — commented Domantas CiuldeThe CEO of iDenfy.

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