Bo Intervenes After Tripp’s Declared Dead — Plus, Lucas Returns, But Kate’s Not Buying His Story About Sami

John EricAfter being possessed, run out of the church. TrippHe flings him out of the window. AllieComes to and looks at Marlena Johnny, wondering why she’s at a church. JohnnyGently explains to her that she is possessed. SheRecalls hearing Tripp’s voice and asks where he is. MarlenaShe shakes her heads at Johnny.

Outside, TrippThe ground is still. CutsCover his face. HeAsking weakly John EricAbout Allie. TheyTell him that he saved her. TrippPermits you to lose consciousness EricCall 9-1-1

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Tripp lies on the ground. Glass shards surround him and bloody cuts cover his face. Days of Our Lives

SteveFinds KaylaLearn more at the hospital Ciara BenTheir son was named Bo. SteveThese calls are perfect. JohnRushes up to them and tells them Tripp’s in the ER. KaylaRuns as SteveCalls Ava.

Jake Ava sit outside in Horton Square. AnIrritated Ava can’t believe he’s going back to work for the “Queen Viper” herself. HeDiMera claims that DiMera is his natural birthright. Gabi are done. She retorts, “So your relationship is platonic… just like ours.” He assumes she’s not a fan of that last part. TheyHe suggests they lock eyes and head home. As they’re about to leave, SteveCalls AvaAbout Tripp.

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In Horton Square, Ava looks distressed while talking on the phone. Jake looks on with concern. Days of Our Lives

InTheir hospital room Ben CiaraSee more Ghost Bo, who explains he’s been watching over the family all along. HeIt assures them that the devil is gone, and will not return. OneA good man gave up everything to get rid. He explains they’ll find out about that soon enough. HeAlso, tells Benhe must let go his fear of fatherhood. He’s redeemed himself and is a good man. If he works hard, he’ll be a great dad. Now, there’s something he has to take care of. HeAsk questions CiaraTell HopeHe loves her and is willing to give little. BoMany kisses from him. Bo says he’s proud of his Little OneAnd it disappears. Ciara cries. SheAlways wanted BenTo meet her dad.

BackThe hospital offers the following: AvaRushes to the ER KaylaAttempts to revive Tripp. When she can’t, she tearfully turns to Steve Ava and says he’s gone. SteveHolds AvaAs she tears into her own skin, she screams back Kayla. Anguished, SteveTells her to stop. TheirSon is gone. KaylaThey should be left alone. AvaLook at Tripp’s bloody body and collapses into Steve’s arms.

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At the hospital, Bo walks through a door, awash in bright light. He smiles at Ciara.

KaylaReturns to the lobby and tells JohnThey were beaten. Tripp. HeAs she cries, he holds her.

JakeEnter Ben Ciara’s hospital room and meets baby Bo. He wishes he didn’t have to tell them, but Trippwas in an accident. CiaraRecalls Bo’s cryptic comment and asks if TrippIt is dead. JakeHe tells him everything.

AtThe Pub, KateLeave a message for Lucas. SinceNo one can find him. Sami, he’s going to have to tell Roman — who walks up. He says, “Tell Roman, what?” KateAs she tries and explains to him, she is busy setting tables. AsShe starts, LucasIt shows. Kate embraces him and asks why he hasn’t been answering her calls. HeIt is important to understand how AllieIt is the first. Roman says they don’t know.

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At Brady's Pub, Kate and Lucas hug. Days of Our Lives

LucasRelays that SamiShe fell while skiing, and she is now in hospital. She can’t fly, so he came alone. When RomanSteps away from the phone Marlena, KateAsks her son for the full story. Offended, Lucas insists that’s the truth. RomanReturns and informs LucasThat AllieIs possessed by the devil. Lucas reels. Ericupdates them on the latest developments. LucasRuns out.

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At the Pub, Lucas gives Kate and Roman a confused look, as Eric talks. Days of Our Lives

Marlena JohnnyBring Allie home. SheChanges and checks Henry. She then demands Marlena JohnnyTell her what she did. JohnnyThe twins embrace and fill her in. AllieThanks to them both, and she heads to her bedroom. MarlenaReceive a call JohnThe bad news is relayed by.

JakeReturns to John KaylaLearn and share Tripp died. HeWalks off to find Ava.

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Marlena looks on, as Allie and Johnny hug at Allie's place. Days of Our Lives

In Tripp’s room, Steve KaylaThey should be buried. Ava says she didn’t deserve a son like him. SteveAssembles as AvaGrabs onto the bed beside it Tripp. SheSobs while holding her son. JakeShe helps her up and walks in. ShePull the blankets up. Tripp’s bare chest. JakeTells SteveHe is so sorry and he helps. AvaOut of the room

SteveSobs while he sits beside you Tripp. KaylaShe holds her husband’s hand and enters. Steve cries, “I want my boy.” Ghost BoHe appears and holds his hand. Tripp’s head. TrippYou are jolted awake TheyRush to his side and SteveSees BoHe dissolves away.

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Near the hospital elevators, John looks on, as Jake holds Ava. Days of Our Lives

JakeHolds AvaAs they make their way to the elevator JohnOffers condolences Steve rushes up. AvaRejoice in a very active state Tripp.

BenReturns to CiaraAnd the baby. HeRelays that TrippThe deceased were brought back to life. CiaraHer dad may have had something to do. HeOverwhelmed by the possibilities. HeEveryone wants to be happy. She looks to their son and says that’s not possible.

AllieReturns to the living room JonnyWonders what to tell her? Tripp. BeforeHe can. LucasIt shows. She runs to her father’s arms. He’s sorry he wasn’t there for her. Allie says there’s nothing anyone could have done except Tripp. SheHe asks her if he died due to her. SheHe weeps because she didn’t get the chance to tell her how much she loves him. JohnStops by and tells AllieThat TrippI am alive and will be fine. She embraces him.

Lucas comforts a crying Allie on Days of Our Lives

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