Despite Xander’s Frantic Efforts to Prevent it, Eric Tells Sarah a Hard Truth — Plus, Eli Asks Lani If She Shot TR

At Brady’s Pub, XanderTells EricThat Sarah’s memory is back, but she doesn’t know their baby died. WhenShe inquired about MickeyHe panicked and said that the baby was with him. He didn’t want her toExperieve the pain of hearing that her baby has died again. Eric thinks he just doesn’t want her to hate him again. They argue about Xander’s motives, with EricTell him what you want. SarahThe truth is today. XanderSpots Eric’s bag and suggests he just tell SarahThat Eric NicoleHave taken the baby on holiday. He gets aCall from MaggieLearn more Sarah’s gone. He races out of there fearing she’s looking for Mickey.

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AtThe apartment SarahAsks aConfused Nicole toSee also: Mickey. SheAssume EricIs there and is shocked toSee also: RafeWalk out in just a towel. MoreIt can lead to confusion. Nicole toTell her Mickey isn’t there because… she and Eric split up. SarahFears that they would break up because of her, and rushes out to get away NicoleYou can find out more.

Later, aDisorganized XanderBangs on Nicole’s door. SheTell him SarahLeft toFind her baby. “Care to explain what that’s about,” she asks. HeShe dismisses it, suggesting that she pretends toTake a vacation with Eric. Nicole says it won’t help. TheHe tries harder and longer toKeep it! aSecret the worst things will be. IfHe tells her that he is going to tell her now so that he can make sure she understands. aIn a loving, sensitive manner

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SarahEnter Brady’s PubSees and hears Eric. She’s desperate toHold their little girl, and ask him to go get her. EricPlace your hand gently on her back. There’s something he needs to tell her and it won’t be easy to hear.

Later, XanderRushes to the back toThe PubFinds and other information SarahCrying in Eric’s arms. She shoots daggers at him and says, “How could you?” She runs upstairs.

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InThe interrogation room LaniRefuse toLet’s get it! PaulinaTake the rap for something she did. PaulinaThinks that the jury will believe she was acting for self-defense. Besides, she might not have pulled the trigger, but she’s responsible for letting TRBack into their lives. Lani doesn’t think she can live with the cover-up. SheNeeds toTell RafeThe truth is, right now. When ChanelJoins them PaulinaEncourages Lani toGo with her husband. LaniReluctantly, you will leave.

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ChanelHands Paulina aChocolate croissants starting at Sweet Bits. As PaulinaIt is a gushing sensation. ChanelOrders toStop talking about the damn pastries. SheShe wants to be a mother toThis is a serious matter. PaulinaShe is assured that her lawyers will take care of everything. She’ll just get aSlap the wrist. ChanelTears of joy as she expresses her fear. She doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses her. Paulina is confident that won’t happen, but if the worst does occur, Chanel won’t be alone. SheIt has aLots of family around. Chanel loves them, but they’re not her mama. PaulinaHugs aCrying Chanel. She’s got her and that will never change.

In Abe’s hospital room, he and Eli wonder if PaulinaCovers for Lani. EliNeeds to talk to his wife and it can’t wait.

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When she discovers he’s not in his room, JulieFinds her grandson with Abe. HeShe kisses her on the cheek, and she rushes to get out. AloneWith Abe, JulieSays PaulinaIs aHero for protecting her family TR. SheEncourage him toTell PaulinaHow he feels about her. He doesn’t think it’s the right time, but JulieIt could be a way to give hope PaulinaSomething to hang on to.

BackIn his bedroom, EliAssorted dresses Lani returns. He tells his wife he’s not so sure PaulinaI am guilty. HeThis proposal is: Paulinais there to cover her. When Lani grows defensive, Eli assures her he’s on her side no matter what, but he needs to know what’s going on. Whatever it is, they’ll get through it together. HeAsks who shot the best? TR. SheTurns to him and says, “It was me.”

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TheyAssist yourself LaniThis is what she found TRAbout tohit Paulinaand her father lying on his stomach bleeding. SheYou are welcome toBe the one toStop TR, so she did. SheHer father was killed. EliShe corrects it. AbeShe saved her father’s life by saving his life. SheShe explained that she was shocked and that she went along with Paulina, but she can’t let her mother take the blame. SheThink about it Eli can help convince Paulina to recant. Eli can’t let LaniGo to prison. HeShe is indispensable. Their kids need her. If it wasn’t aClean shooting Lani’s looking at hard time. HeIt would be better for everyone, she believes, if she let PaulinaTake the fall.

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