Days of Our Lives’ Paul Telfer Woke Up to Some Exciting News for His Wife that Has Him ‘Overjoyed’

Xander’s portrayer just couldn’t wait toShare with the world 

When it seems like there’s so much bad news constantly going around in the world today, sometimes waking up to some good — no, make that great news — is the most incredible feeling in the world. That’s what happened to Days of Our Lives‘ Paul Telfer (Xander). AndNaturally, he was happy. toShare it with others.

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“Justwoke to the most wonderful news,” he shared on his Monday, May 9, Instagram story. “My wife, Carmen CusackJust nominated was? forHer second Tony!”

The Tony AwardNominations were announced brightly and early thatEvery morning, and CusackA nod was given. for Best Performanceby ActressIn a Leading RoleIn a Musical. It didn’t take long after that forHer husband was thrilled toShare a post and not just how proud you are of him ofShe was amazing, but it was also the extraordinary nomination.

“SoBe proud of Carmen Cusack today,” he wrote. “Her TonyNominating someone was no small feat. to her own incredible performance, but a ‘miracle’ thatShe even got the chance toShare that performance at all!”

TheActor explained that after the “BroadwayStop the night of Flying Over Sunset‘s first preview, through a year and a half of doubt as toIf theatre (let alone this beautiful production) was possible, Ever return, toIt’s time to put the show on again that crazy X-mas/Omicron wave — that this performance happened at all is a miracle!”

When Telfer CusackThey celebrated her birthday just over two years ago. They never imagined this day would ever come. ThatThe first preview he mentioned was toA empty theater.

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“TheThe first preview of the dressing room of Flying Over Sunset,” he wrote, “right after CarmenHad been found out thatThe audienceIt was cancelled and BroadwayShut down because ofThey were still going to get the virus. Perform the preview!”

HeThen it was on toReceipt that “this is probably the only shot of her in costume, and I’ll probably get in trouble forIt was posted, but I wanted it to be available for everyone. toYou can see how radiant and beautiful her eyes were Claire Boothe Luce.”

Against all odds, the show did go one, and this wasn’t the only time folks got toSee also: CusackCostumes Claire. AndWe hope so TelferDid Not Get in trouble forThis photo can be shared. We’re guessing no, since he shared it again!

“Overjoyed that all your hard work and sacrifice is being recognized,” TelferIn his Tony post. “CongratulationsOn your second Tony nomination, darling. AndWe are very happy toThe other nominees are FOS(and all the other shows!), the FOSFamily, and the entire theatre community for not just surviving the last 2 years, but thriving!”

Congrats to everyone, ofBut a special congrats! to Cusack!

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