As He Returns to Days of Our Lives, Peter Reckell Admits, ‘I’m as Nervous as Anyone’

Bo’s return begins today!

JustFor those who have somehow missed it, here’s a link: Peter ReckellIt’s back Days of Our Lives! TheToday is the final showdown with Satan, and it looks like nothing less ofHeavenly intervention BoHe will be able to put an end to Satan’s reign.

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The actor shared a little whileBack that he’d be bringing Bo back asGhost toSave his family! But don’t worry, because today’s saintly visit isn’t going to be the last we’ll see of him, seeing as how he’s going toKeep coming back Please try again For Beyond Salem! And asHis returns started to take off. ReckellTaken to Twitter to let fans know — and admit that after all these years in the biz, he still gets nerves!

“OK, here we go,” he exclaimed. “I’m asNervous as anyone. It’s been a long time coming!”

The fans, of course, have been waiting for this for a long time, so they didn’t hesitate toLet him know that they had his back. MicheleElizab16 wrote to him that, “ThereNothing is possible toBe nervous about. Your fans (and there’s a lot of(us) are always open arms and so happy to wait for you to have you back!”

Canadian Girl told him that, “YouThese were the reasons I became a photographer. Days fan, and I’m so grateful for this return. Thank you! AndI know that seeing you again onscreen will be a great experience. tearjerker. CannotWait!!!”

And yeah, we can already tell from the preview that we’re going tobe giggling for his entire, oh so-short return in the wake ofThe devil’s disaster. BetweenHis moments with BenAnd CiaraHis intervention with Steve, it’s going to be a rough day — in the best possible way! ThankfullyWe have more toLook ahead toWhen the new Beyond Salem airs!

Who’s looking forward to Bo’s return? Do you think it’ll be enough to get some closure, or are you hoping against hope that when he’s back in Beyond Salem, we’ll somehow be able toYou want more than a ghostly sighting?

TakeTake a look at our photo gallery of BoAnd Hope’s love story asPrepare for his return. 

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