Days of Our Lives Promises Some Heart-Tugging Fallout After Sarah’s Cure and TR’s Surprisingly Satisfying End, But the Devil Can’t Leave Soon Enough

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Between Sarah’s (almost) total recovery and TR’sThis week, death and emotions were at an all-time high TheThese stories can have devastating consequences, but they should not be repeated. Satan’s gone that’s theLast time we heard of him. BecauseAs the devil’s run begins wrapping up, about theOnly one emotion we can feel is dislike.

Making Good Choices

I’m Not going to lie — I was not Anticipating GwenTo make theRight choice between AvaBreaking her out of jail and JustinShe will be there for her every step of the way thelegal system Not that it means she’s going to keep making theIt was a good choice, but it was pleasant to surprise. FiveIt is still a huge deal to spend years in prison. andIf you have to, GwenYou may decide to take theThere is an easy way out.

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“OhSorry, I was trying to find the correct information. the little boy’s room.”

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ButBetween that and theTurn with Sarah, if I was a betting man, I’d say Gwen and Xander aren’t nearly as over as she may fear. She didn’t just tug at Xander’s heart strings as she talked about being so desperate to hold onto what little love she’s found in her life, she tugged at ours. (WellSome of(Minimum.)

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AsFor Sarah, it’s a relief to have her back for real (As Maggie said, “Your voice, it’s normal!” Thank GodFor that. andIt was wonderful to see them reunite. Xander and Maggie, but if her memory gaps don’t fill themselves in ASAP, we’re in trouble. She’s going to have deal with learning about and processing her beau’s baby betrayal all over again. Thatdid Not go smoothly the first time, and there’s no guarantee she’ll get over it in theSimilar way theSecond time. Time will tell, but it’s looking like “Xarah” fans might not get to rejoice just yet.

TR’s Downfall

TheThe TR showdown was surprising satisfying. ItDoes Not Make up for it the problems I’ve had with theStory, but I enjoyed it. AbeStop circling and just face TR down — even if he did get whacked with a baseball bat for his efforts. AndI loved Paulina’s reaction to TR’sHe raised his fist and said that she would Not be afraid of him, and she wasn’t theHe terrorized a scared girl no more. It’s what every survivor wants to say to their abuser — but again, bringing him back into Paulina’s life so easily and getting to that point is still a big “No” from me.

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Lani and Paulina gave us a new take on “Stop, or my mom will shoot!”

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Also, the whole “Ignore theMan lying in a swimming pool ofBlood two feet away and let’s Go” thing was a bit silly.

There’s a part ofThat’s what it feels like LaniAbsolutely made theRight choice in shooting her father. But, I also get theProblem with a cop shooting unarmed men. I’m pretty sure if she explained what she ran into, she’d come out fine, but I understand Paulina’s desire to jump in to protect her — not to mention Lani’s shock allowing her to. ThatLast little knife twist TR said he loved andForgiveness Lani, though… HeIt may have been what you thought it was. the right thing to do for once, but that’s going to haunt her.

ItCould give us theThis story should have been from the beginning. Instead ofA tale about welcoming TR in with all but open arms. It could also be a story about how that roiling conflict unfolds. ofEmotions in learning theFamily member Should Love is a monster that tears you apart.

The Devil Doubles DownOn Distaste

WeFinally, I discovered what it was. Satan’s master plan is and it’s, well, it’s pretty boilerplate satanic stuff. I thought it would be a whole. Antichrist/devil in incarnate type of thing andThis would be a horror movie. WouldIt is a huge deal. That’s end of theYou can find world-class stuff right here. (WellIn 18 to 25 years SatanIt grows up. ButThis is Days of Our Lives andTruly, there is nothing more than theAn innocent baby is taken over theThought ofThis devil running amok is more of a “meh” situation. I’m pretty sure that would just mean he has horns on his head andPerhaps a tail, as he breaks up couples. Let’s get on with the exorcism.

However, I did appreciate some things. AllieDevilAs she complained about everyone, she seemed to channel some writer frustration. theMaster plan.

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“And I would’ve gotten away with it too…”

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AsFor the week’s end… AllI can only say that. theSpecial effects were fully in force on FridayWith those flickering lights andBut these were murky, pentagram-filled cemeteries. the gross discomfort. It’s like now that TR’s gone, theShow had to double down theThemes of violence against women

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Evan’s “I forgot, the Necktie Killer’s wife likes it rough” as he choked Ciara, and CharlieComing back from theDead to immediately taunt the woman he raped (hopefully that’s something Allie won’t remember once the devil’s out ofShe) weren’t what we needed to end. the week. OrIt’s easy to start. OrYou can do so at any time. Plus, SatanEssentially, they offer AllieOver to be raped once more he took over baby Bo was, sure, that’s something the lord of evil would do, but it’s beyond horrible.

And yes, the show ended on a cliffhanger, but it wasn’t one with many stakes. Seeing Ben and CiaraWe are hoping that this will be the start of something. Satan’s butt back to hell will be satisfying in its way, but we know Satan’s not going to win. IfIf he did, the show would be called Passions, and that’s not happening. While I think there’s good story in the wedding fallout and the Lani/TR shooting fallout, I’m hoping once the devil’s gone, that’s it. NoMore casually discussing what Satan did like it’s part ofA perfectly rational world. JustMove on.

Stray Thoughts

• I know I said a couple weeks back that I didn’t mind Eric’s SalemReturn is a slow process, but it can be done if the show’s not careful, that burn’s going to flicker out. It went from “Oh, Eric’s back!” to a whole lot of nothing.

• Satan’s doing all this for his silver anniversary? WhatIs it a leap of one year? Methinks the devil miscounted. UnlessThere was never a time jump afterall and he just messed with everyone’s minds to make them think there was… Now ThatIt would be a diabolic twist.

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“Time jump? What time — Oh… I messed up again.”

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• Isn’t it awfully convenient that after LeoA visitation was arranged with Gwen, Ava, Jack and XanderAll of them managed to stop by andWhen should they visit? WorksYou can always count on it. TheSPD is a tremendously helpful tool like that.

• I’m not entirely sure what official procedure is, but I’m pretty sure hospital staff injecting a patient with a non-FDA approved drug that’s been sitting in someone’s apartment for weeks andA mad scientist created it is a big insurance no.

• Anna’s goodbye spiel to TonyIt was hilarious all the way the place. SheTook from talking like a mobster to speaking like one and telling him she was “going on the lamb” to quoting Robert FrostAbout how far she had to travel before she could sleep.

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