Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 16 – 20

WeKeep up-to-date Days of Our LivesSpoilers Monday, May 16To. Friday, May 20. It’s a race against time as CiaraAnd BenSave their baby from being taken hostage Devil, Kate questions LucasInformation Sami, and (*16*) goes to Eric for a favor after he and (*20*) struggle to keep the truth from Sarah — plus, while JohnnyProclaims his love to Chanel, GabiUnexpected ally offers assistance

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Week of May 16:

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Monday, May 16:

ThisKids, it’s possible! TheAs the final battle between evil and good, MarlenaHer loved ones and she fight for the life and spirit of Allie.

BenAnd CiaraThey have fought for one another over and over again, and their relationship has been unbreakable. But they’re now facing their greatest challenge yet as they fight for the life and soul ofTheir baby boy!

It’s going to take more than an exorcism to rid Salem ofThis is a terrible thing. As Days of Our LivesNearing the end of the devil’s reign of terror, someone is killed — but there’s a twist!

AsTheir family comes together at one time of crisis, ShawnAnd BelleYou will find yourself drawn closer to each other. CanThey overcome the strife that has recently tore them apart?

WantA preview ofLife in SalemWhat happens after the devil has been defeated? CheckFind out what headwriters are doing Ron CarlivatiSays it is coming soon.

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Tuesday, May 17:

Well, this isn’t suspicious at all: LucasReturns to Salem, but doesn’t have true love (and unwitting kidnap victim) SamiBy his side. That leaves us with some serious questions… which might be the same ones his mom, KateYou will be asking!

Headwriter Ron Carlivati warned that there were life-and-death stakes where the devil storyline’s conclusion was concerned, and today we find out exactly what he means. ButWho will die as Allie’s family deals with the aftermath ofHer possession

JustWhen BenAnd CiaraYou might be right. ofThey are forced to confront an unexpected encounter instead of returning to normal.

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Wednesday, May 18:

Who’s got a secret? In Salem, just about everyone, but in this case we’re talking specifically about PaulinaAnd Lani, who aren’t being completely honest with EliAnd Abe.

(*16*) and (*20*) are keeping a secret from SarahThey are struggling to keep their lips shut. WillAre they finally being honest with her?

WhatDoes EricHave to tell NicoleThat leaves her feeling a little disappointed.

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Thursday, May 19:

(*16*) hopes that perhaps EricHe will be a great help to him. (DareWe are hopeful that the former priest will be asked by the reformed scoundrel for officiating at his wedding. Sarah?) Meanwhile, NicoleIs taken aback at the accusation Sarah hurls in her direction!

AlwaysAre you ready to champion the cause? of love, JuliePlease do not hesitate to contact us AbeTo be sincere with PaulinaTell her how you really feel. Meanwhile, ChanelAnd Lani are by their mom’s side when she needs them most.

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Friday, May 20:

Sure, Johnny dumped Chanel about six seconds after they tied the knot, but — and this is an excuse you can probably only use once, maybe twice in a lifetime — the devil made him do it! CanHe convinces Paulina’s daughter that his love is true?

Gabi’s back is up against the wall, but she’s got an unexpected ally in her corner. WillThey make a difference when it comes to her latest fight. Heaven knows she’ll need help, because it looks as if ChadEJ and EJ are willing to put aside their differences and present an united front if it means that they can drive her out one and for all!

EarlierThis week: ShawnAnd Belle seemed to be getting closer… but Jan’s about to work her wicked ways again. What does she do to get under her longtime rival’s skin this time?

NowThat Eli is on the mend, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at LaniAnd Eli’s love story in our photo gallery below.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta

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