Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 9 – 20

WeKeep up-to-date Days of Our LivesSpoilers Monday, May 9To. Friday, May 20. The final battle against the devil begins, and by the time it’s over, not everyone will be left standing. (*9*), PaulinaKeeps her lips zipped. JanThis creates friction and makes it seem impossible to do the impossible. ChadEJ and EJ actually join forces against a common foe!

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As we count down to daytime’s biggest night, here’s our list of Dream Emmy WinnersFor 2022

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Week of May 9:

InA preview of what’s to come on Days of Our LivesThis week LaniAfter seeing a terrible scene, she fires her gun at TR. SarahThe cure is available.

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Monday, May 9:

Abe lies motionless on the floor of Paulina's apartment. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, AllieDevil reveals their ultimate plans for the baby Abe’s life is in jeopardy, and LaniShoots at TR.

BenAnd CiaraThey are faced with a nightmare situation when they worry about their missing children. CanAnyone want to save the baby and reunite the parents with their child?

HavingFinally, the time has come. ofHis coma, Eli speaks… and what he has to say throws LaniFor a loop. Meanwhile, with the walls closing in on him, TR reverts to his old ways… and that can only mean lives are on the line!

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Tuesday, May 10:

EJ and Chad glare at each other, while holding drinks in the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, TR dies after LaniHe shoots him, PaulinaConfessions of guilt. PlusEJ extends a olive branch and KateIssues LucasAn ultimatum.

OpeningAs high as Kate, Roman admits that he’s afraid something terrible has happened to Sami. GivenHis daughter is with LucasWill Kate help assuage his fears… or might he be right to worry?

HowWill ChadWhat do you think about the offer EJ makes to him? They haven’t exactly worked well together in the past, but might things be different this time around?

WantAre you looking for some good news? Well, Kayla’s about to get some, and maybe she’ll share.

When CallsThe HeartPreview: A late birthday present could make a significant life-altering difference [spoiler] — plus, a storm is brewing in Hope Valley.

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Wednesday, May 11:

In front of the hospital elevators, an anguished Xander looks to Maggie. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, SarahThe antidote is given to you. GabiWants JakeReturned to DiMera, AvaThere are many offers GwenOut of jail.

Although XanderFinally, it is free Gwen’s influence, he still has to deal with the repercussions of recent events. SpecificallyHe and MaggieYou will need to make a potentially difficult decision about Sarah’s future!

LeoIt is bad news. GwenThere is no other way to get out of trouble. WhenHe approaches her to discuss the possibility of forming a new scheme team, all we can say is… buckle up, Salem!

Victor’s been pretty patient, but it’s time for Sonnyto make a decision about his life!

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Thursday, May 12:

At the hosptial, Xander excitedly grabs Maggie's hands. She tearfully averts her eyes. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, a seemingly recovered SarahAsks to meet her baby. GwenRefuse to comply Ava’s offer to bust her out ofJail, and Anna stumbles upon a pacifier.

Anna — realizing her actions may have real consequences — tells Tony that she’s hitting the road.

GwenDueling offers have put him in an interesting spot. OneShe is from her father, and the other is from her mother. Ava.

(*20*) Barash (Jake) shares why his family’s “hearts are shattered, yet full.”

Days of Our LivesSpoilers Friday, May 13:

White light is cast down on Marlena, Johnny and Susan, who hold hands in a circle. Susan opens her mouth, and throws her head back. Days of Our Lives

In today’s recap, CharlieIt has been resurrected. AllieShe reaches out to her family and BenAnd CiaraFind the devil around to seize their baby.

A possessed AllieShe is ready to start the terrifying ritual she has planned. BenAnd Ciara’s baby. But in order to carry out her evil plan, she’ll need help from a familiar face. She’ll also have to battle Johnny, SusanAnd MarlenaThey do everything possible to reach out to Allie before it’s too late. Meanwhile, CiaraShe is again in danger when she is attacked by Evan.

After everything that’s just gone down with TR, Paulina’s daughters can’t help but worry about her.

It’s going to take more than an exorcism to rid Salem ofSuch evil. As Days of Our LivesNearing the end of the devil’s reign of terror, [spoiler] is killed — but there’s a twist!

It’s Emmy season! NowYou can now see our dream list, all the nominations are in Daytime EmmyWinners, including a few from DaysYou can see it in our photo gallery.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta

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