As Days of Our Lives Nears the End of the Devil’s Reign of Terror, [Spoiler] Is Killed — But There’s a Twist

It’s going to take more than an exorcism to rid Salem ofSuch evil.

FansHave waited patiently for this day theThe devil is out! of dodge — or in this case Salem — but before that happens aFewer people will face the devastation of the fallout. TheLatest issue of Soap Opera Digest previews what’s ahead when theThe devil is ready to take control theBody of Ben Ciara’s baby boy…

As the desperate parents interrupt theRitual led by aBesitzed Allie, Benis cold but not cooled. aWhite light is over Ciara and in turn she’s able to rescue their son. ThatThis is good news for baby WestonYou can’t do it for someone else.

AllieTakes off and Thoughts Johnny TrippRush after her, her twin is coming across aBlaze from the past in theCemetery, leaving TrippContinue reading thePath ofSaving her from the devil. DuringAll of the craziness, Lucas Adams revealed, “TrippIt is still very important to care about Allie… he has to do whatever it takes to get to her and make sure that she’s safe.”

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ButWhen the devil’s involved, things aren’t that easy. Tripp, Johnny, Eric, John MarlenaAll of them end up at St. Luke’s loft where AllieThreatens to torch the place. ThoughThey try to exorcise. theThe devil warns of his willingness to kill Allie. TrippPlease do not hesitate to contact us theInstead, the devil will take him. “He’s thinking of Allie, he’s thinking of Henry,” Adams continued. “HeWants them to live a long and happy life.”

ThisThis is where the action takes place a murderous turn… the devil enters Tripp’s body and demands that he kill Allie. TrippCan fight the devil off, and slow him down, but wonders how he can end this once and for all without putting anyone else at risk — and throws himself out of theWindow in the church tower

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TheActor revealed that Tripp’s main goal was to protect all of theAll the people he loves of thePeople who have stood up for him and protected him. Allie is taken home by Marlena JohnnyBut John accompanies TrippTo thehospital, where AvaSoon arrives and learns that KaylaShe was unable to save her child. AsHis mother falls apart the magazine revealed, “TrippReceives a divine intervention that could lead to a significant change theCourse of his future.”

ItIt sounds like we have some exciting scenes in the future so keep watching!

With Tripp’s life in question, take aTake a look at the gallery below, which contains 35 photos of stars that need to return ASAP — and where they could fit into theMixture for the day.

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