Tripp Sacrifices Himself For Allie While Ciara Gets a Heavenly Assist In Rescuing Her Son

AtThe station ShawnUp-to-date JohnAbout Evan and the devil’s plan to take over the baby’s soul. Shawn gets aMessage about Jan’s ankle monitor going off. John says he’ll deal with JanSo, ShawnCan look for the baby.

AtThe Pub, EricAnd BelleTalk about Ciara’s baby, and her rocky marriage. HeShe is urged to keep her mouth shut. JanYou can make the most of her, but Belle doesn’t know what else to do. Belle gets amessage from JohnAbout Jan’s ankle monitor going off. She worries what that psycho could do if she’s on the loose.

JohnEnter ShawnAnd Belle’s place, as JanComes out in aRed negligee and robe JohnWe are sorry to disappoint you, Shawn’s not there. SheCovers up. TheyTalk about it Belle, JanDeclares that she will end up with Shawn. JohnIt reminds her ShawnAnd BelleAlways search aWe all go back to one another.

TrippCalls MarlenaHe was told by the devil that he is still possessing Allie. She’s waiting to hear from Johnny, who went to cemetery. Tripp’s going out there himself. HeShe loves her granddaughter and will go to any length to get it. AllieYou can get out of this nightmare.

AtThe cemetery BenAnd CiaraGet on your bikes and place an order AllieThey are the Devil’s children BenTo get him, he enters the pentagram but aA jolt from the red light knocks him unconscious. CharlieHe chuckles as he says that they wasted their time getting there. HisThis battle has been won by the boss. A red light casts over AllieDevil, as they raise the arms towards the heavens while holding hands with the baby in the pentagram. AfterConfirm BenStill has a pulse, Ciara declares she won’t let the devil take her baby.

A white light casts over CiaraShe raises her arms towards the sky, and she continues to thrust her arms towards the sky. AllieDevil. JohnnyAs AllieDevil sees CiaraWe are fighting back. AllieDevil yells, “Be gone,” but Ciara’s light pushes AllieDevil out of the pentagram CiaraHer baby is picked up by her and a white light glows around them. AllieThe light blinds the Devil and he takes off, leaving aEffeminate CharlieTo shout at Ciara, “I was supposed to raise that baby!” If he doesn’t get to raise the baby, then neither does Ben. HeToss your feet Ben’s motionless body with a knife.

JustAs CharlieIt is about to stab Ben, TrippYou will leave him in dust. aBaseball bat TrippThen it goes off to find AllieDevil.

AllieThe Devil runs into a church and says, “After twenty five years, we’ve come full circle.” TheyRecall aBesitzed MarlenaSetting a fire outside St. Luke’s. “What a fitting place for the grand finale,” AllieDevil says, heads up a winding staircase.

When BenHe holds his son when he comes to the cemetery. “Hey Bo,” he says. “I’m your dad.” TheNew parents are struck by how beautiful their child is. BenThese are some comments CiaraHe was saved. CiaraThe three of them agree. a family now and they’re going to protect each other forever.

AfterHearing from JohnThat Jan isn’t on the loose, BelleAnd Eric get amessage JohnnyFollowed AllieThe Devil to the church Belle wants to go with her brother, but he thinks it’s best if the devil has one less host body option.

TrippRuns into the church, and finds JohnnyHe texts his family for support. TheyTo find out, race upstairs AllieDevil standing in aPool of gasoline and holding aLighting a candle TheDevil says they’re going out in aYou are ablaze with glory and taking little Alice Caroline HortonWith her. Johnny yells, “Allie! Stop!” TheMen try to get through to AllieWho starts to fight back when Henry’s name is invoked.

BelleWalks out of Brady’s PubThe runs into Shawn. HeTell her Ben, CiaraThe baby and the mother are heading to the hospital to be checked out. SheAsks her if she is available to go with him. HeYes, it is.

AtThe hospital KaylaYou are obsessed with BenAnd Ciara’s baby and learns they named him Bo. KaylaThink about it Ciara’s dad would be so proud. TheyAsk her to check on him and she leads them away.

As AllieThe Devil is about to set the flame ablaze Allie’s body, Tripp, JohnnyThe candle goes out. Father Eric, MarlenaAnd John arrive. After Marlena declares the town’s love is too great for the devil to overcome, JohnOrder Satan out of his granddaughter’s body. AllieThe Devil will be willing to oblige, but only after she is killed first.

BelleAnd ShawnAssemble yourself in the hospital room. KaylaTells BenAnd Ciarababy BoIt is perfect. ShawnHe holds his nephew’s hand and promises to tell him everything about his grandpa in heaven when they get older. BelleRemember when ClaireThey reminisce that it was so little. The moment’s ruined when JanCalls ShawnWith a request for food.

AtEveryone holds hands and fills out forms in the church aCircle around AllieDevil. TheyPray MarlenaEncouragement AllieTo fight. Weakened, AllieDevil comes to their knees, threatens to snap Allie’s neck. Tripp rushes forward and screams, “Take me instead!” Allietaunts TrippAbout AllieHe was cheating on me, but TrippHe still loves her, and he will always. HeSo, yells at devil to come in on him AllieYou can live and still raise your children. Henry. Allie’s body falls back, limp and Tripp’s eyes glow yellow.

AloneWith BenThe baby in the hospital CiaraTells BenAbout the white glow of light SheIt was like a presence. SuddenlyShe sees. a bright glow and says, “Dad?” Bo walks through the light and says, “Hey there little one.” SheAsks Ben if she’s seeing things. Ben says, “If you are, then I am too.” BoHe confirmed that he was at the cemetery. Ciara says he saved her son’s life. SheHe is told that they have named him Bo. “Thank you for that,” he says with a smile.

AtThe church TrippDevil tells everyone Allie is still going to die… and by Tripp’s own hands. The devil grips aPassed out Allie’s throat, but TrippThe fight is on. HeHe takes control of his body, and jumps through the window. HeThe ground is still there when it falls.

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