A Decade After the Emotional Days of Our Lives Episode Aired, We Look Back at the Moment Will’s Relationship With Sami and Lucas Was Changed Forever

A young Chandler Massey grounded his character’s coming out in a way that made us all want to reassure him that he was still loved.

When Days of Our Lives’ Sonny KiriakisReturn to Salem in 2011, he’d already come out to his parents off screen andAn out and proud gay man. TheIn its simplicity, twist was refreshing andIt’s relatively easy to deal with drama. But everyone’s coming-out story is different, andParents like Will’s — Cough, Sami — we knew his would Not Keep it simple. NorWould most ofThat drama even revolves around him.

We’d watched WillWe are the screens that show you how to live your life and find love. andIn time, he will discover his own sexuality. WeHe wrestled with him. theHe came to realize that he was gay. andYou will struggle with theHe felt the need to tell his truth to those he loved. By theTime he came out of his parents’ house on May15, 2012, we all rooted for the HortonTo find scion theLove andHe needed acceptance so badly.

UnfortunatelyHe chose to come out. at probably the worst time imaginable.

TheWhole ordeal began with a healthy (or are they unhealthy?) dose ofFamily dysfunction. SamiSelf-righteously blasting Lucas about keeping EJ’s blackmail ofTheir son was adopted by her, while LucasHe defended his actions and Will’s decision to keep her in the dark. What’s more, he noted, she seemed more upset about being lied to than about her son’s struggles!

And that’s when WillEnter, already on edge. Buckling under theWeight ofHis Other secret.

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SeeingHis mother suddenly became concerned about lying and set him free. HeWe called her out on her hypocrisy andIt was her own lies that had torn them apart. WillShe then asked her if she felt she had a legal right to all the details about him. Sami didn’t hesitate with her nod, and WillI told her to be careful with what she wished for. WeHe could see how much his secret was weighing on him, and how much he wanted it to be shared with the world. andGet rid of him of the burden… but he just couldn’t do it.

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Finally, SamiAs she realized something was wrong with her son, she began to get off her high horse.  NotThat she had theThe smallest hint of what was to follow. InsteadShe tried to coax her way into it. WillShe jumped back after she spoke. andBetween explaining that lying never works and explaining why it doesn’t andSome lies are meant to protect loved ones.

WillShe explained that he would have to decide for his own what truths are worth telling.

AndThat was it the problem. WasHis own truth worth theIt was pain he was certain would follow it. He told his parents that didn’t want to lie to them, but he didn’t think they were ready. SamiYou are distraught. theShe saw her son in pain and begged him to tell the truth.

WhetherHe saw a glimmer. ofWe hope his mother really cared andI wanted to make it better, but was sick ofHer hypocritical moralizing andYou wanted to lash. andShe hurt her, or was just plain worn out and wanted it all to be over, we couldn’t quite tell, but in that moment, WillFinally, he snapped. “I’m gay!” he yelled. AndJust like that. theTruth was out andWe were left waiting, holding our breaths, anxious to see how his parents would react, but we had to wait. theNext day theThe fallout will strike.

It wasn’t pretty.

“Why would you say you’re gay?” an incredulous Sami asked. “I’m your mother. I would know if you’re gay, and you’re not!”

Will replied quietly, breaking our hearts a bit when he couldn’t quite make eye contact. “Actually,” he said, “most of the guys I talked to about coming out said their mother always knew, but I didn’t expect you to, really.”

Sami didn’t move, a look ofShock and anger andHer face was covered in hurt. LucasAlthough he was clearly uncomfortable, he supported his son and insisted that he be okay Will Did You know what he was talking about and meant it. HeWe are sorry for not realizing, but WillHe was very gentle with his father. He hadn’t been around. Sami had. She’d just been wrapped up in her own problems, as always.

ButWhen WillWe agreed to talk things out calmly together as a family. SamiHe was disappointed again. SheSome nonsense was mumbled andThen she ran away, leaving behind her son in grief and fear.

Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, Bryan Dattilo will lucas sonny days jpi

WithHer absence was not surprising, however. theThe focus could finally shift to theThe person who needed it the most: Will.

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LucasYou stuck around the whole time theAnxiety and discomfort, asking questions and, most importantly, listening to his son. He hadn’t KnownHe admitted that he had noticed, but he did not deny it. Will and Sonny together. And while he did admit he was disappointed, he wanted to make perfectly clear, he wasn’t disappointed in WillBut with the struggles he’d now have to face in life.

It wasn’t theWarm embrace andLove and understanding WillHad gotten from MarlenaBut LucasIt was difficult. WeEnded theDay with WillAsking his father whether he would ever consider having a gay child. The answer, at the time, wasn’t clear. AndIt was even murkier in the case of SamiHe ran away, rather than being confronted. the truth.

ButWe learned over time. the answer for both of Will’s parents, and they proved their unconditional love by giving him a resounding “yes.”

As we’ve established, Will isn’t theOnly one in theIt is common for family members to keep a secret or two from one another, so why don’t you check out some photos ofA few of Sami’s loves and lies while you’re here?

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