Did Betty Ford Actually Write a Letter to Michelle Obama?

‘The First Lady’ follows the challenges and victories faced by three AmericanFirst ladies in the period surrounding their stints at the White House. TheShow delves into stories of Michelle Obama (Viola Davis), Betty Ford (Michelle Pfeiffer), and Eleanor Roosevelt (Gillian Anderson() Following each of them as they navigate through the obstacles of their respective eras.

DespiteDespite being set in different decades, there are certain similarities in the challenges faced and the solutions found by all three first women. In aA particularly poignant moment in the show’s history is aRetired Betty FordSends Michelle Obama aSoon after the former becomes the first lady, a letter will be sent. ConsideringThe show draws quite a few viewers. a bit from historical sources, let’s take aCheck out whether Betty FordSend Michelle Obama aIn real life, letter.

Betty Ford’s Letter to Michelle Obama

AsIt turns out that Betty FordDid you send aLetter to Michelle Obama. TheFormer, then in her nineties, sent the latter aletter in 2009, shortly afterwards Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration. Thus, Michelle ObamaDid in fact receive aLetter from Betty FordSoon after, she moved into the apartment. White House. Though the letter is described as “warm,” its contents are not entirely known. ItIt appears toBe part of private correspondence with an experienced first lady to aOne new. However, aRelated note: FordAccording to some, to her daughter, Susan, “I don’t know if she knows what she has gotten into. SheIs this really happening? to be busy.”

Image Credit: PBS NewsHour/YouTube

The Showtime series depicts MichelleSending the letter to Betty during aParticularly difficult times for the Obama administration. In it, the former first lady says, “First ladies and their teams are often the vanguards of social progress in this country,” before continuing on toPacify MichelleBy claiming that each first Lady makes her own way through the duties ThisThe show’s overarching message is echoed in the show’s music. to propagate.

ThusThe series is historically accurate in the sense that Betty FordDid you send Michelle Obama aLet me know if you have any questions. HoweverThe contents of the letter could be fictionalized. The show’s creators have brought the stories toLiving a life that is simple: aStrategy of historical fiction: This strategy, in addition to adding drama, is also known as toThe narrative, attempts toAscertain accuracy toWhat actually happened behind closed doors.

ThusThe contents of Betty Ford’s letter to Michelle Obama are quite likely aHistorical fiction. TheIt was possible to receive a real-life letter aMore formal communication, while the one in the show seems more dramatic and tailored to fit intoAnd reinforce the show’s narrative.

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