Did Casey White Kill Her?

PeopleWe were quite shocked when former AlabamaCorrections official Vicky WhiteThe authorities labeled him a fugitive. United States government. AccordingAccording to reports VickyA supposedly freed inmate Casey WhiteBefore leading the police in a massive multistate hunt. Lifetime’s ‘Jailbreak Lovers’ chronicles the incident and portrays how VickyShe ended up losing her own life. IfYou are curious about the details surrounding this case and want more information. VickyWe have you covered.

Who Was Vicky White?

Vicky WhiteA 56-year-old widow lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama. SheShe didn’t have any children, and kept her family close to her. Interestingly, VickyWorked as Lauderdale County’s assistant director of correction, and her job often brought her into contact with the inmates at the Lauderdale detention center. Nevertheless, VickyShe lived a quiet existence and showed no signs of being impulsive.

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AccordingWhile working at the Lauderdale detention center, Vickycame in contact Casey WhiteHe was convicted of several charges including attempted murder and robbery and sentenced to 75 year imprisonment InThe first few days of their acquaintance Vicky CaseyIt was a close-knit relationship that looked set up for romance. However, Caseywas soon flagged and deemed a flight risk. AuthoritiesThey found a shank and sent him back into the state prison. DuringThese days are gone Vicky CaseyWe kept in touch via the phone but eventually, on. February 25, 2022, CaseyReturn to LauderdaleRequest a hearing in court

Subsequently, April 29, 2022, VickyShe mentioned that she was taking Casey WhiteThey were taken to court, but they disappeared quickly. MoreoverThe squad car they were travelling in was abandoned in a parking lot of a local shopping mall. AuthoritiesInstantly, I went on high alert and started reaching out to various agencies to find out if any information was available about the sudden prison escape. BesidesWhen? VickyOfficers initially believed that she was in danger because she appeared unreachable by phone.

SurprisinglyOnce the police started looking into this, Vicky’s life, they realized that she had been planning the escape for weeks. InThe days leading to the incident VickyShe had sold her house and was now living with her mother. MoreoverShe even bought a vehicle, which was later believed to be the one used for the escape. BesidesCCTV footage also captured a video showing VickyDriving the car, she confirmed her role in the escape. ArmedWith this information, police organized a nationwide manhunt. They even announced a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the capture of Casey White. Officers even released images of the car the fugitives were traveling in, hoping to get the public’s help in tracking them down. ThankfullyThe gamble paid off. Soon, police were alerted to an abandoned vehicle matching the description. MoreoverBy this time, VickyShe was also charged with identity theft and second-degree forgery.

How Did Vicky White Die?

Did Casey White Kill Her?
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InterestinglyCCTV footage played an important role in the investigation. For example, a video taken from a car washed showed how it was done. Vicky CaseyThe abandoned FordF-150 they drove before getting into a Cadillac. SubsequentlyOn May9, 2022, officers spotted identical items Cadillacat a Motel, and an attempt at apprehending the suspects turned into high-speed chase on US Highway 41. DeterminedOfficers drove up the vehicle and rammed into the vehicle in an attempt to stop the fugitives. It flipped over and was taken to the police station. HoweverOnce authorities approached the car they discovered CaseyStill alive, VickyA gunshot wound to the head left her unconscious. AlthoughShe was transferred to a nearby hospital in no time. VickyShe died from her injuries that night. It was later discovered that she had committed suicide.

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