Did Dorothy Wang Leave Bling Empire? Where is Dorothy Wang Now?

As a reality series that can only be described as the perfect blend of ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ and ‘Selling Sunset,’ ‘Bling Empire’ isIt’s as fascinating as it is. is chaotic. AfterIt focuses exclusively on the wealthy. Asian AmericanCast as they indulge in cultural celebrations, extravagant parties, and sheer drama to give you a real insight into their daily lives. Amongst them in season 2 was none other than ‘Rich KidsOf Beverly Hills’ famed Dorothy Wang — so now, if you wish to learn precisely how matters unfolded for her, here’s what we know.

Did Dorothy Wang Leave Bling Empire?

Dorothy Wang isA first-generation Chinese-AmericanBorn and raised here Beverly Hills, CaliforniaShe learned early on the importance of hard work, family, giving back, and that she was a good example to others. HerHowever, experiences are implied in the NetflixOriginal, also taught her how to develop thick skin. is part of why she’s essentially straightforward to a fault. TheDaughter of self-made realty billionaire Roger WangPhilanthropist VivineAs you can see, she has no time for unnecessary drama or fake niceties.

Did Dorothy Wang Leave Bling Empire? Where is Dorothy Wang Now?

ApartYou can be a reality TV star/public figure. Dorothy isShe is also a licensed agent in real estate and a self-described entrepreneur. ThereforeIt made complete sense when she announced her decision to finally take the plunge and move from CaliforniaTo New York for good — a place where her brand could expand even further. Despite admittedly feeling “a little lost” and “overwhelmed,” she actually did follow through with her plans because she was just completely ready to move on to a new chapter of her life.

Dorothy’s move to Manhattan did raise serious questions concerning whether or not she’d ever return to ‘Bling Empire,’ and the truth isThat she might just be. She often travels back to her hometown, so it’s plausible for her to land a recurring role in the production, but it won’t make a difference anyway; we’d still see her on our screens. That’s because Dorothy has been retained as one of the leading cast members for the ‘Bling Empire’ spinoff set in New YorkAccording to TMZ. ThisVersions will likely follow the exact same format, but in a different setting.

Where is Dorothy Wang Now?

AsideFrom allegedly preparing for the aforementioned Netflix spinoff, Dorothy Wang is currently spending all her energy doing what she loves — traveling across the world with uplifting, positive people. From FloridaTo CaliforniaFrom the BahamasTo Las VegasShe has been everywhere in the past few months, and seems to love every minute of it. MoreoverShe pushes herself to be outside her comfort zone and meets people from different industries. isEven focusing on taking her brand up to the next level right now.

WeIt is important to mention that Dorothy believes her ‘Bling Empire’ co-stars are much more strategic than those she had during ‘Rich KidsOf Beverly Hills,’ as per E! News. “I think that we were a more dramatic bunch and were a little bit more hot-headed and more animated,” she explained in a candid interview, referring to ‘Rich Kids.’ “I think with this [Netflix’s Bling Empire] group, everything’s a little bit more behind the scenes, like, calculated and maneuvered and thought out.” After making this comparison, she compared herself as well, admitting that she has “grown up a lot… I have honestly found my voice. That sounds so cheesy, but I’ve learned to kind of stick up for myself and… I’ve grown to be a little bit stronger… and just be honest and be genuine.”

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