Did Paul Westhead Quote Shakespeare’s St Crispin’s Day Speech During the 1980 NBA Finals?

‘Winning Time: The RiseThis is the Lakers Dynasty‘ reaches theIts debut season reached its climax with a classic final between the underdogs. the LA LakersAnd the Philadelphia 76ers. In theThe sixth and final game of the 1980 NBA Finals, the LakersWithout their talismanic captain Kareem Abdul-JabbarMove forward with power Spencer Haywood. AsAs a result, all members of the team must rise to theThey must be able to perform at the highest level of excellence in order to win theGame and the championship.

At halftime, Lakers’ Head Coach Paul Westhead (Jason Segel) motivates his players by delivering a speech straight from William Shakespeare’s play ‘Henry V.’ As WestheadQuotes Lines Starting at theFamous St Crispin’s Day SpeechViewers must be curious to find out whether theCoach actually used theSpeech to motivate his players in real life InIn that case, here are the details! SPOILERS Ahead!

Did Paul Westhead Quote Shakespeare’s St Crispin’s Day Speech During the 1980 NBA Finals?

At theStart with the 1979-80 NBA season, Paul WestheadWas theAssistant coach the LA Lakers. He joined theLong-time friend becomes team JackMcKinney, a spokesman for the company, was hired by Jerry BussAs the team’s head coach. HoweverOnly thirteen games are available. the season, WestheadHe was thrust into the spotlight. On NovemberMcKinney, a coach, was left paralysed after a horrible accident on 8 September 1979. the team. BussNominated WestheadAs theInterim Head CoachThis is the Lakers.

Did Paul Westhead Quote Shakespeare’s St Crispin’s Day Speech During the 1980 NBA Finals?
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BeforeHis time with the Lakers, WestheadOnly coached at theTeaching at the college level English literature. TheCoach was a fan of ShakespeareHe was well-known for his quoting skills. theFamous playwright during theGames to motivate his players AsHe was rewarded with a result the nicknames “The Professor” and “The Bard.”

When the LA LakersAll assembled to play theSixth game of the 1980 NBA World Championship SeriesFor the PhiladelphiaThey were the leaders among 76ers theSeries 3-2. HoweverA thinly stretched squad. the Lakers were the underdogs for the game. Before the game started, Westhead told his players, “EverybodyWe are expected to be courageous tonight. We’re not here to be courageous. We’re here to win,” he added.

In the series, WestheadDuring the pep talk theHalftime and quotes Shakespeare’s St Crispin’s Day SpeechFrom the play ‘Henry V.’ In the speech, HenryV urges his soldiers fight against theThe French army is a formidable force theEve of the BattleThis is Agincourt. DespiteBeing vastly outnumbered the speech encourages Henry V’s men to focus on theThe glory and figurative immortality that comes with it the victory. Thus, WestheadCompare the Lakers’ situation to that of Henry V’s army.

While Pearlman’s book alludes to Westhead’s pre-match speech, it does not mention theHalf-time pep talk the coach. MoreoverThere are no reports of Westhead quoting Shakespeare’s St Crispin’s Day SpeechAt halftime Lastly, Westhead’s autobiography, titled ‘The Speed Game: My Fast TimesIn Basketball,’ also does not mention theCoach quoting theClassic piece of literature. ThereforeIt is safe to say that the show’s depiction of Paul Westhead quoting Shakespeare’s St Crispin’s Day Speech during the 1980 NBA FinalsThis is a fictional addition the show’s makers.

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